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1500 NLH and 5k NLH update

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-06-30 at 12:00 AM

I played the 1500 NLH event on Tuesday, it was a big field but again I was lucky enough to draw a soft table. The first significant pot was at 25-50 on last hand of the break, I opened KQo to 150 in MP, btn who was weakish player called and then the bb made it 475, the bb had been aggressive and was playing a bit random and bad, we were around 6500 effective, both me and btn called and we went 3 ways to the flop. Flop came Ks 9h 4s, bb checks, I was pretty confident I had the best hand so I bet 850, btn folded, bb thought for a cpl secs and called. Turn was 9s and he checked again, I bet 1350 this time, wasnt afraid of the spade since I was pretty sure he would bet his spade draw if he had one on the flop after squeezing pre, he could have a 9 but thats about it, but I sitll felt I definitely had the best hand. He went allin for another 4k, I called and he showed As8h for Ace high flush draw, river was a brick and I was upto 14k. I was playing a lot of pots and running good too, at my peak I had 28k or so, but right before end of the day I lost a big flip at 300-600. I raised to 1300 with 66 and called a guy’s 16bbs reshove with it, he had Q7dd and made a straight to get me down to 15k. I then blinded out for a while before I shoved A3dd with 15bbs over a limper at 400-800 which was the last level of the day and busted to bb who woke up behind with QQ. It was another end of the day bubble for me and this one hurt since I thought I played really well for 9 hrs and was definitely looking to make my 2nd day 2 and coming back all refreshed, but was not to be. Ah well.

Yesterday was the 5k and I decided to sleep in and register late. I busted the 1500 around 1 AM (most NLH events start at 12 pm) and was very tired from playing 9 hrs and wanted to be well rested for this one. I got put into one of the late start tables since we registered in level 4 which is the last level u can register. I had a sick table with hoss_tbf (one of the biggest winners in limit holdem and pretty tough NLH player as well), Phil Helmuth (obv needs no introduction), ADZ124 (high stake cash games player) and funkimunkii (very good tournament player) on my table. It was fun playing on this table and even though the table broke in 40 mins they were some memorable pots. One hand that stands out was, ADZ opened 625 utg at 100-200 25ante, everyone is 15k deeep, I flat 44 utg +1, older guy flats behind me and then funkimunki calls on button. Flop J 7 7 rainbow checks around, turn is a J and it checks around too, on the brick 5 river ADZ bets 550, I fold, guy behind me calls and then funkimunkii tank makes it 3500, ADZ then shoves for 10k or so more. Older guy folds pretty fast and funkiimunkii tanks for 5 mins and folds a Jack face up, ADZ obliges and shows 77 for flopped quads, I though that was pretty impressive fold. As for me the only memorable hand I played and worth mentioning is when a kid utg opened to 1100 at 250-500, I flat QQ with 13k to start the hand in MP, we go headsup to the flop which is 5s 8c 9c, kids bets 1350, I make it 3025 and call his shove. He shows A7cc and somehow I manage to whiff his outs and dbl to 26k. My 2nd table was tough with my buddy jeff papola to my left, along with goleafsgo and shaundeeb, besides I always had awkward stack and couldnt do much, so I ended the day with 26k going into 500-1k, so I will have 26bbs, which should be sufficient.

297 are left from the 817 starting field with 850,000$ USD for 1st and 81 players getting paid, I have already bubbled one so hopefully I can get my first cash of the series, Day 2 are always funnnn unless of course you bust 1st hand. One of our horses Alex Smith is still in the 1500 NLH event with 30 people left, he is around 12/30 with 15k gtd and 650k for 1st, so we might be getting a bracelet sweat later tonight, which will be super exciting for the house, will update everyone tomorrow on how today goes for both of us.

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Aditya Agarwal

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