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16 big

Posted by Arturo on 2012-10-05 at 12:00 AM

I played around 31 tourneys and some free roll statelites towards Sunday million, min cashed in many of them 3 deep runs not bad for me, I am improving slowly.
One tournaments details I really like to mention it is 16 big :
I break some rules in this tourney as I lost of passions after some 32 starting hands I am didn’t get playing cards which Is drawback of one tabling, two limpers I 3 bet them with QTofrom SB, first limper folds and other called, 8J6r , I bet around 60% of pot, he calls again, check check on turn 2,9 on river which completes my straight draw I bet again around half pot and villains goes all in I called only to see that he also have Q8s. I really wondered how can he call raise pre-flop and also called flop with Gutty… Bad play I think by both. Anyways we split the pot and I come to my normal game. I doubled up after some time with my TT holding up against AQ against same villain, after that I again I play a pot which I shouldn’t play at all against rules which we have been taught on PGM and lost half of my chips there after being frustrated this hand came up, I was on button, MP2 limps, CO min raise him and I 4 bet with 77, MP2 tanks and shoves I called only see his AA but I hold luckily as I hits sets, after that no looking back, a some lack of concentration deep in last stages of tournament I made a huge mistake I flat called a raiser with A5s, after clicking I realize that he 8x the bb and snap fold the flop, after some hands this happens button raises I was in SB I 3 bet him with TT BB 4 bets, Button folds I tank almost all the time and min bet him and after some tank he fold and got good chips in this pot eventually a chip lead in tournament.. to my horrorness I made same mistake with A5s in last moments called 8x raise, some to some shoves form short stackes A7 to 66, 77 to A6, TT to AQ which ends me 58th position.
I think I played more bad pots then good ones which put me shitty position otherwise I was in zone…
Till next time bye

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