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Posted by sunny sen on 2012-12-19 at 12:00 AM

Given that we have till the 21st to live, this would be a good time to recap the year, in terms of poker.[B]


Was humongous. Played 681k hands on PokerStars, 193k on ipoker and have played 29k hands on fulltilt. Astoundingly 75%+ of the volume was in HU. So was it worth-while putting up this much volume?
I am currently sitting on 291k VPPs on PokerStars, if I somehow get to 300k VPPs by the end of the year then that will be worth about 22800 USD. I also have 45% RB on ipoker so have cleared 10k+ in RB from ipoker. So $$-wise not too shabby. But physically it has taken its toll, Till October I have slept less than 6 hours a day on week-days.
My schedule has pretty much been:

wakeup 7:30
power nap at lunch: 11:30-1:00
out of office: 6:00
home : 6:30
family time: till 10:00 (me and wife were in different cities till September, so family time was nada till Sept on weekdays)
grind: till 2-4 am usually

take Friday red-eye to wife’s place
take Monday early morning red-eye and get straight to office from airport.

Physically it has been a struggle trying to juggle everything, so who knows if it was worth it.

[B]Table Winnings:[/B]

I made about 64k on the tables, with majority of the volume being at 1/2 and .5/1 (made 265 buyins at 100hu), also included about 9k made on a 50-50 stake playing upto 3/6 (mostly bumhunting 3/6 on euro sites). Lost a 5k roll when the poker site purple-lounge went down, about to lose another 6k roll as an ipoker skin poker-mambo is about to go down. Both of these sites were heavens filled with maniacal latinos. Lost around 2.5kish when a horse decided to run-off with his roll. Oh and most importantly ran under EV (yea yea not like 100bis but still) for the year.

Played a bit live FR, and was up over all as i didnt bust my checking account, but no idea how much.
Heartbreak sessions of the year:[/B]


This happened sometimes towards mid September. I was taking a shot at 5/10 in a month where I felt I was consistently playing my A+ game. Had a good couple of days and was feeling invincible, then ran into someone who cleaned me up (that someone turned out to be twoshae, didnt know his ipoker screen-name). But was a great learning experience playing someone as good as him, so no complaints (not really ofc, but sounds studish saying so).

[B]Biggest accomplishments of the year:[/B]

Didnt deny anyone action upto 2/4. Played everyone from gdlucksir, speckbasu, eatitpal, acerb1c, snackcheck etc even ended up playing a massively -EV session on 3 tables with imfromsweeden. From mid October though game selecting at 400nl but still playing anyone over multiple tables on 1/2.

[B]Is SNE possible:[/B]

Nopes, not untill I can re-learn FR and 6-max and start mass tabling 2/4 and 1/2.

[B]2013 poker goals:[/B]

Re-learn 6max cash. Its unbelievable how bad my current 6max and FR game is. Absolutely atrocious to say the least.
Get better at huPLO
No game selection at 400 NLHU (need a roll boost for that also).

Anyway I have a 22 hour flight on Monday with an 8 hour layover, so you can imagine I am absolutely smitten with life at the moment.
Stay good all, maybe will see some of you in calcutta next week, time permitting.

So that pretty much wraps things up for the year, oh no still need those 9k VPPs. Fun times. Firing up those tables in 5,4,3………2………


Most importantly a huge thank you and plenty of hugs and kissed to my wife who has been super understanding and accomodating throughout the year. Shes the best.

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sunny sen

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