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2014 Review & 2015 Ponderings

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2015-01-03 at 12:00 AM

Happy new year everybody!

Been a while since I blogged. I had a swingy 2014. Think I started out good, hit a rough patch, had a great Aug/Sep, then what was probably my biggest downswing online for almost 3 months and finally managed to close the year strong. I had a lot of close calls online last year with some close misses. I also managed some good wins. I won the big 109 and big 162 in a span of 3 days. I final tabled the 5M Sunday Million and finished an agonising 9th. That one’s gonna haunt me for a while. I made a couple of ICM blunders which definitely cost me a good bit of equity. I’m sure I’ll have many more chances in the future so I’m just gonna stay upbeat and trod on.

Live was a mixed bag. I played the PCA in Jan and bricked everything. I was in Vegas for 1 and a half months or so. It was my 1st time playing the WSOP and even though I was in the red at the end, I had a blast. It was a great experience and one I’ll definitely remember forever. I’m hoping to do it again this year although I’m probably gonna take a different approach this time. I did well live in Ind. I shipped the THOS event in Mar and ft’d 2 Tilt events in December. I feel like I played the best I have in ages at the Tilt series and I’m gonna try and maintain that same level of focus everytime I play live in 2015.

I have been trying my hand at mixed games of late. I really enjoy playing them and although I’m still learning, I feel I’ve got a decent grasp of them already. I have played a few tournies with good success over a small sample size. I’ve also been putting in some cash sessions. There’s not a lot of traffic for these games at low-mid stakes especially for horse. 8 game has more tables running but there’s a lot of good regs who regularly play these games and open sit different stakes as well. I want to become very good at all the games. Mixed games get spread a lot in Vegas around the WSOP. I didn’t play last year but I’m hoping to this year.

I’ve started 2015 on a good note. I took 2nd in the Wed 320, 1 of my favourite tournaments in the weekly schedule. It’s become much reggier than it used to be but this one was super soft since most regs were away for New Year’s. I’ve got some goals/resolutions in my head for 2k15. My history with goals/resolutions isn’t the greatest but I’m hoping I can change that this year. Most of them are lifestyle related. Those of you who know me well know I have some very big life leaks. My main goal right now is WSOP 2015 and everything from here on will be part of my ‘Road to Vegas.’ I need to constantly keep reminding myself that which in turn will ensure I stick to my resolutions.

Au revoir

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Aditya Sushant

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