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A Beginning That Should Hopefully Last Long

Posted by Parikshit Dhall on 2020-04-21 at 3:59 PM

Hello guys, it’s been a long time since I posted a blog on PokerGuru. The last 5-6 months have been quite a journey, and I have been through a lot of ups and downs.

A little backstory, I was a cash game player who turned into a full-time MTT player under the guidance of my coach Aditya Agarwal and I have to admit, it has been an enormous learning curve for me.

Learning and experiencing the variance in the game has been one of the most significant aspects for me when turning into a full-time professional poker player as you have to deal with the ups and downs daily. To be honest, my scores in the last 5-6 months were not up to my expected level, and I was working a lot on my volume and was devoting a lot of time to studies.

So here I am, after 6 months, having achieved my personal best score to date as I won The Millionaire this Sunday on Spartan Poker. It’s a great feeling because I knew that a big score was around the corner, I just had to work my way through, and here we are! 🙂

This lockdown has resulted in a massive boost to the guarantees of all the tourneys across the sites, and the guarantees keep getting crushed. Spartan Poker being one of the leaders in the poker industry, never fails and keeps us hooked, and I was really looking forward to playing this event.

Thankfully I played well, navigated some crucial spots in the middle stages, and on the FT, it was a really tough battle though I kept my nerve and tried to keep my chip lead throughout. I am very happy with the way it panned out.

I am thankful to my coach Aditya Agarwal for being there, pushing me to the limits, and trying to get the best out of me. Kartik Ved, Maddy, Lungi bhai, all have been there supporting me throughout, and I would like to thank everyone at PokerGuru Staking for helping me to be the player I am today and really looking forward to better results in future. This is just the beginning and a beginning, which I hope will last for a long time.

The Indian poker community is growing leaps and bounds, and we have loads of opportunities today! I want to wish everyone the best of luck. Alright then, that’s the update for now, good luck to everyone!

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Parikshit Dhall

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