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Absolutely useless!

Posted by Akshat Sharma on 2012-11-16 at 12:00 AM

That’s pretty much how the past week or two have been for me. Been sick and down and not been able to put in any volumes at all and i’ve been kicking myself for that.Taking a break from everything else in life now just to pursue this and i truly haven been putting in the needed effort. Things are a lot better now though. Finally up and running. No commitments!

MM3 is starting and i’m pretty excited about it. Just the right time to start the grind. Crazy guarantees make it great value tournaments. Surely gonna be playing deep structured ME. PGMP boys seem to be killing it. DV has become quite a baller after his bink (Still waiting for updated notes. =P).Trying to arrange funds for PGT Dec. Sick fields in the oct edition has attracted everyone. Hope to meet everyone there n ‘chill’.

Not much to talk about how poker has been going cuz like i told you, no volumes. Anyway a very happy diwali to everyone (I kno i’m late). Hope everyone killed it at the diwali parties. =P


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Akshat Sharma

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