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Adda52 collusion poker

Posted by kart doug on 2019-09-16 at 12:05 AM

I have been playing poker for 15 years now, i play online, i play live, i win and loose. Being a foreigner i have been playing in international room all over the place as well as in casino in France, Italy, Germany and Macau.

I m playing adda52 for the last 12 months and i am amaze by this room.

Here (i have 8 months of documented video and snapshot of hands at my table) there are 20/30 players (or bots) that turning (let say 10 of them all the time) will reach the last 2 tables of the biggest tournament. These players, near bubble time, will call non sense all in pre and also post flop with winning rate often below 5% and magically attract the only 2,3 cards they need to win. When i say 2,3 i mean that they will get the all 2. Example AQ3 flop, all in by AQ called by large stack 98 (WHY????) turn and river 99. Or kk all in on flop k69 called (again WHY?) by large stack q10 turn and river j 8…and so on. Another thing, large stack will win no matter what near the bubble. Other thing, when you are running lucky you will be shifted table within 30 minutes, but their players run absardly like for hours in the same seat. I would like to know what u guys think about, and if you can avoid adda52 like the plague, there s collusion, there is a scam there, not even hidden.

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