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APPT Macau

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-11-22 at 12:00 AM

The big news for all of us here at PokerGuru is the addition of Ramandeep Gujral and Rohit Bhalla joining PokerGuru as mentors. Both of them have worked very hard over the last few yrs and made a name for themselves in the cash game circuit and have played in some of the biggest games in India. We will be focussing on the strategy section of the site a lot more in the future and they will be taking care of the cash game section, I am looking forward to learning a lot more about cash games myself and am real excited to read strategy from two of the best players around, this will benefit all PokerGuru members a lot too. Team PokerGuru is also planning to travel the Asian and the Indian tournament circuit extensively in the coming months as well and hopefully we can replicate the success the team has had at home on the world stage as well. I couldnt be more pleased with team’s performance during APT, we as a team have put in lot of hours and have worked very hard on our games and it was finally satisfying to see the team do exceedingly well in APT GOA. I had one cash which was 2nd place to Phil Sanders (he won 2 events at APT) in the 2.5 lac high roller event. It would have been nice to win and get another title for the team but I cant really complain with how things turned out.

Raman, Rohit, Amit, Samohh and I are all in Macau now for APPT, so far we have all played 3 tournaments and had one final table which was 6th place for Samohh in the 1k rebuy for 21k HKD. Tomorrow is the main event which is shaping up to be the biggest tournament ever in Asia ever. PokerGuru members Apoorva Goel, Aman, Rahul Byraju, Raj Talwar and Bobe Suri are all here, hopefully someone can do India proud and make a deep run in the main.

Well go to go, boys and I are heading out for some fun…..will update how the main goes.

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Aditya Agarwal

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