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April IPC

Posted by Kanishka Samant on 2015-04-02 at 12:00 AM

It is always exciting to play live tournaments especially after playing mostly online. The IPC brand has been hosting big field tournaments in Goa since 4 years and after a short hiatus is back again this year which is like a breath of fresh air for every poker player in India. They hosted their 1st edition of 2015 in January which brought in great numbers and is expected to surpass those in their 2nd leg of the schedule which kicked off yesterday.
In my opinion they had to fix some small leaks as tournament organizers which had surfaced in the January edition but after playing the first tournament yesterday, I must point out that the IPC crew has proactively worked on the issues, for starters appointing a designated Tournament Director who appeared to be very prompt and who made sure there was no lag in the tournament runnings and promise a good experience for the regulars and newbies alike. Way to go guys!
Yesterday was the 6k buyin Super satellite which attracted 200 runners to contribute a giveaway of 20 packages which covered the buyins of the rest of the tournaments of the april schedule.
I entered the tournament in the 1st level and was seated on a very active table, so we had to wait for good spots and apply more pressure pre-flop to chip up. Things were going good and I was almost poised to win the package until this hand, where the action folded to the dealer btn who raised and virtually called me all-in, I looked down to find 99 and was happy to call as I had a short stack with around 5bbs and folding there was not guaranteeing me the package anyways, villain turns up KJ and the flop was k high to end our run in 22nd just 2 away from the prize. Almost! 🙂
Today is the 5k buyin, followed by the 10k tomorrow and then the 30k main event.
Happy with my game at this point and am Looking forward for the rest of the series from here on in.. Will update the overall experience and results after the series commences, until then good luck to all the grinders.

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Kanishka Samant

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