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average weekend

Posted by Gurpal Singh on 2012-11-20 at 12:00 AM

hi guys

this weekend had been average playing nearly8-12 hours session each day and not cashing in much…. played all my fav turbo’s…. i was kinda building up stack in most of them and then bleeded most of the chips trying to sleet chips or running in monsters…


i played quite a lot sit n go…reached 4 final table but could not even ship one of them….i had a great chance in one of them when i reach the ft i had the cl and nearly 50% of the chips in play i lost a crucial pot when my a8 ran into qq and aa was crippled and was out in 5th


i reached home late was dunk so i decided to play as my day cannot pass until i play poker….i registed in 8 to 10 mtt turbos but could not do much i thing …. so i decided to sleep and regain my energy for the Sunday grind


as soon i got up first thing in the morning without eating my breakfast i register my self to Sunday splash threwed away 30 rebuy ….i played all the hotter turbos below 22 $ but could not cash in a single one…..i was card dead most of the day ans was getting cards out of position which resulted me in bleeding chips…. need to work on my play when u get card out of position will ask adi sir about it or may be when the time comes he will teach ….

epic hu for me in micro million hu turbo tounry

i was my third round i have won previos 2 comfortable… my hu starts we were given 100 bb first hand i three bet him light and won…then second hand we when to a razing war and i end up losing ak against his a4o as 4 hit the river ans i was left with 6 bb…..then after ever 2 to 3 hand i was doubling up then came a point when when we were back to 100 bb….then came a hand when i decided to call his min raise with 72s ans flop comes 345 rainbow then i called the bet on the folp to make my straight and his over bet shove on turn only to suck-out his qq…this all happen in first 2 level of play with in 10 min…. its was nice feeling for me

hoping to run good this week

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Gurpal Singh

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