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Back Home!

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-10-14 at 12:00 AM

Never thought I’d be saying this but it actually feels good to be back home. I’m finally catching up on some good sleep and I’ve already slept some 18/28 hrs since I came back I think. Sleep schedule is totally haywire ofc which I’m used to now anyways so dats all good. I was in Goa from 2nd Sep (PGT) till 13th Oct so that officially makes it my longest Goa trip so far.

Lot of stuff happened in between some of which I’ve already spoken about. Haven’t really played or focused much on online with all that’s been happening. I played the PGT, IPS and IPP series and oh played the 1L WGF as well. Went 0 for 3 in the PGT, 0 for 4 in the IPS..bubbled the main event which sucked cause I was going gud, busted after like 3-4 hrs in the WGF I think in a brutal hand where I was prolly 1 of the CLs in the room and got busted by the CL at the time prolly, Nitesh in a preflop all in AQ vs his A6s for a lotta chips at the time. I finally managed a finish in the IPP where I placed 3rd in the last event – 10k freezeout with re-entries. I bubbled the main event here too and had the CL at the start of the final table in the 10k so overall I guess a pretty frustrating time donkament wise.

I did manage to play quite a bit of cash games. Had huge swings, was up by a good margin rite off the start, then donked off most of it away and finally was up again just before I left. Def enjoyed playing cash games, feel like I’ve gotten much better overall and am def gonna try and plug whatever leaks I hav which now include 2 new ones – a sudden fascination for JD and an urge to gamble upstairs towards the end esp when I’m up :p Happy with how I fared overall but I could hav been up a lot more if I’d just been level headed throughout which I’m kinda regretting.

Anyway had a pretty amazing time overall. Time does fly when ur playing so much poker..gonna be a lot more dull now but I’m happy to be back. Gonna focus on getting lotta rest, getting back to my video games and catching up with some friends back hone!

Here’s the trailer of a film I’m eagerly anticipating –


Rockstar’s gonna go cult fosho by the looks of it

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Aditya Sushant

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