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Been way too long…

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2012-02-15 at 12:00 AM

Sup guys. Sorry for the lack of blogs. Think its been over 2 months since I last blogged. As most of u must be knowing by now, I ended up leaving Team PokerGuru in Dec. Havnt blogged since then.. There wasnt really any reason. I just wanted to try playing on my own once I got out of make up after a long stretch. I was part of Team PG for a yr and am still proud to be the 1st guy. I still keep in touch with all my buddies and am happy to see all of them (Samoh, Amit, KC) doing extremely well. U guys make me proud. Samohh’s recent accomplishments are hard to keep track of :p, Amit’s been doing well in cash plus came 2nd in the 5k PG rebuy and KC was in Goa for 2 tournies and just shipped the 50k High Roller’s. Adi of course always does well. What sickos!

Coming to myself, I came to Goa on the 1st of this month after an almost 3 month layoff. Very happy to say that this trip has been amazing so far bout tournies and cash wise. I started off by shipping the 10k IPC Weekend Kickoff for 1.55L. Felt really good to win another live tourney and I was really in the zone throughout the tourney. So was obv very satisfied. I also ft bubbled the IPC Main and came 3rd in the just concluded 5k PGT Rebuy. I got coolered and super unlucky in the later stages of the IPC Main. Finally went out with KK vs 88 bvb for a sizeable pot. THe PGT 5k rebuy was a pretty sick final table with Inter and Amit making it to the final table too. Was a tough ft overall as well. Finally it came down to a sick 3 handed situation with Adi, Amit and myself remaining. 5b shipped A6 vs Amit who had JJ very conveniently. Binked an A on the flop but he 2 outered me on the river. Std resuckament. Pot was for more than 2/3rd chips in play I think. Cant complain though as I thought I played pretty well overall and esp on the ft. Congrats to Adi who won it and Amit too. Was a pretty awesome hu between the 2 lasting 1 1/2 hrs.

Cash games have been kind to me too. Had a really epic cash session and all my others have been fairly good too. I feel like I’m on top of my game right now and with the cards largely working out for me, I’m having a feeling of near invincibility most of the time. I’m picking my spots pretty well and with the image I’ve built, manage to get paid off a large amount of the time which is nice 🙂 In fact, I dont think I’ve had even 1 losing cash session so far.

The IPP starts tomorrow. I’m not really sure about what my plans are and if I plan on leaving anytime soon. I should be around for at least the next couple of days so will end up playing the IPP I guess. Hope the turnouts are decent though I’m not so optimistic right now. Guess that’s all for now folks. Sorry for the long break in blogging. I’ll try and blog more often from now on. Will try and update how it goes in the IPP if I end up playing it. Until next time..


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Aditya Sushant

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