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Best folds

Posted by Kavin Shah on 2011-04-26 at 12:00 AM

Well Well well…Good morning, good afternoon and good evening guys,,.
This is my first blog…to start with I would like to thank and congratulate PokerGuru team to make an effort to make POKER a big success in INDIA….
They say it takes five minutes to learn all the rules of poker, but to master it…it takes a whole life span…and for some Idiots a life span is also too less……
There are so many variance and facets to poker, and to master all it aint easy…
A good player is known for his good reads, timed bluffs, good folds, position plays, doing player profiling on the table, patience and many more….
My idea of writing a blog is more gonna be like a forum..where is we can discuss the games which have happened…so that we all get benifited and hence improve our games…
To start with..I would like to take the topic of GOOD FOLDS…
I am pretty sure each one of us would have done a massive fold..backing our reads…I would like every one to share there best folds…ever…
Let me share my best fold ever..
There is a 20K minimum buy in, with 100-200 blinds…very tight table…looked like I was playing with all pros…
One hand were in I am second to cutoff, with every game on straddle, I have Q-10 offsuit..
Five player in hand, pre flop there is no raise, hence 2000 in the pot..
The flop is Q-10-4… with two clubs, every one checks before me, I make it 1600 with my top two, the dealer button calls, small and big blind folds, UTG1…(whom I rate as a very tight and very aggressive player)…lifts his chips …takes 30 second time and makes it to 5000….its my turn now…I take my time and try to anlayse all the options..what can he have?…he is UTG1 who is really aggressive…and really tight makes it only 5000…
Did he limp with AA, KK or AQ..and if so,….considering the aggressive player he is …his raise has to be minimum of 8000 so that he can take down the pot then and there…in short.. out of position if he has raised just 5000, that means he is looking for a caller…I take my time and evaluate all the options and hence come to the conclusion either he has pocket 4s, or pocket 10s…there are slim chances he might have Queens…or same hand as I have…..I was pretty sure at that time that I was beat…I lay down my top two…the guy on the dealer button also folds …and says to me that he had KQ and was beating me, I show him top two and say that UTG1, has either pocket 4s or 10s..UTG 1 shows his pokcet 4s,..one of my best folds ever….
After that game I was proud of my self and was very happy that my game and my reads were improving….if any of you have any thing similar to share..please go ahead….

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Kavin Shah

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