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​How a Free Ticket From PokerGuru Saw Me Shipping Poker Dangal’s​ DPKO Main Event ​​on Saturday​ For 1.26 Lakhs

Posted by Deepanjan Das on 2020-06-24 at 2:17 PM

​Hi everyone, this is an ice breaker for me. I am Deepanjan Das, ​living in Kolkata, and I am a ​Mechanical ​Engineer. I completed ​my degree in 2014 and moved to Mumbai in 2015 to start my career as a Technical Sales Professional. So mostly, my job ​is to travel and sell packaging machines Pan-India. Now, I ​am working for an Italian MNC and looking after the SAARC Region​.

I was introduced to poker in 2010 by my friend, who was quite active in the poker circuit and was playing online. I learned about poker from him, and we used to play a lot of house games near our college. We used to play on weekends, post-college hours, and there weren’t many sites to play poker so we could only ​play some house games and freeroll games.

Slowly​,​ we started playing these​ freeroll​ games and then some small buy-in games. For four years, I played those and ​made a profit of ​around 2 lakh rupees by playing these​ small buy-in​ tournaments​. ​

After​ 2014, I started playing on PokerStars.com, and I made​ a​ few dollars on it too. I used to primarily play $1/$2 Sit N Go’s.

Once I landed a job in Mumbai in 2015, I completely stopped playing poker and would only play like one or two games in 4-5 months. But I was quite active in the public groups on FaceBook, and I used to be an active investor on many packs. I still invest regularly.

I saw many people grinding recently during the lockdown, and since I was not able to travel, I could devote time to poker after my work hours.

I once again started playing small stakes events and cashed a few events. I even shipped a PLO event along with a couple of final table finishes. I was lucky enough to get this ticket of Poker Dangal`s ​DPKO Main Event from PokerGuru as they were giving away free tickets to thisflagship ​event.

So, I got that ticket, and I registered and played my usual game. Bounty events are my favorite, so I was very much familiar with the 6-max Bounty format. I played my typical game, and I was fortunate to make it to the final table, although I was the short stack before the FT.

Usually, on FT’s, I like to play a little aggressive because many people look at the minimum cash or pay jumps, so they play insecurely on FT’s. I tried to take advantage of such players, and luckily the board also started favoring me. I managed to ship the event for around​​ 1.26 Lakhs, which is quite a significant sum for a recreational player like me.

So this has been my journey in recent times, and I will obviously continue to play small stakes events, and if I do well, I will move up in stakes. Looking forward to it.​​

That’s it for now. Thanks and good luck, everyone!

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Deepanjan Das

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