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1000 nlh

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-07-02 at 12:00 AM

Played event 54, 1k NLH yesterday, field again was huge getting 3,000+ players. Fields in these 1k’s are very soft, since everyone wants to play a bracelet event and 1k’s are the smallest buyin bracelet event. It is also the shallowest structured event with just 3k starting chips, so have to be real careful early on. I had a real soft table once again but was not playing super aggro. I did open wide but was basically was just trying to keep pots small and make hands, I played lot of small pots most significant one being when I opened 68ss and missed an open ended str8 flush draw and had to give up on the river, that got me down to 1500 chips on first break. After break we were at 50-100 and I was able to dbl AQ vs A6 to get back to 3k starting stack. Then I opened hijack to 300 with A4o, into weak players on my left, bb called. Flop came Ah 8s 9s, he checked, I bet 350, he shoved which was kinda ugly since he had played pretty tight str8forward till then, but with so many draws out there I dont think I can bet/fold top pair here with just 20bbs, so I called and held against his 67o to reach 6k. I took out a small stack JJ vs 99 to be at my peak of 8600. Then at 100-200 I lost a big pot, EP opened to 525, 6600 eff, I called in bb with TJcc. Flop was 7d 8d 2s I check called 575. Turn was 4d and I led 1550, he called. River was a 2 and I check folded to his 4k shove. Not sure if I like my line this hand. My bustout hand 100-200 (25), btn aggro euro opens to 450, sb taggish player flats, I shove 4825 from bb with Q9cc, sb tannnnk calls with AK, gg me.

I have been very jet lagged and have not been sleeping well, so I went back and tried to get some sleep, I finally was able to get some rest and feel pretty excited about today. Its event 56 1500 NLH, will be smaller field than the weekend 1500 but I still think it will get over 2k players. One of the last few prelims, so got to try and make the most of it, not many opportunities left now, will update how it goes.

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Aditya Agarwal

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