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1500 NLH event and 1k today

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-07-01 at 12:00 AM

Yesterday, I got to the rio at 11 am to register for noon 1500 NLH, big mistake as the line was easily over 150 people long and by the time I registered it had gotten to be more than 400+ people queuing up to register for the 1500. The event ended up getting more than 3000 people. I arrived at my table shortly after spending 1hr in line to register.

I had a super soft table draw with the only two capable euros to my right and all nits to my left. We started with 4500 chips at 25-25 and 1 hr levels, (all wsop events give starting stack at 3x the buyin). I ran pretty good and made some big hands, won a huge pot with JQ on Q 7 3 J Q board against k3 for 12k, I just went bet bet shove on the hand and the guy heroed me down with a pair of 3’s. I also won 16k pot when I flopped a set of 99 against QQ and won a small 8k flip TT vs AQ, before I knew it I was at 26k at 50-100 and one of the bigger stacks. I played pretty aggressive and lost cpl pots (doubled two shorties 99 vs 25 on 258 board and AJdd vs 88) and was down to 15k at 100-200 ante on dinner. After dinner I was able to run my stack upto 40k jsut playing super aggro since bubble and end of day was approaching and people were tightening up, with 20 mins left in the day (we played 11 levels, so 11 hrs), I lost a 60k flop TT vs QKss where the action went I raised 2100 at 500-1000 (100), Tagish player calls, aggro euro counts his stack and rips in 28k, I re-jam and loose the crucial flip. I busted right after when I jammed 9bbs over a aggro opener’s raise with AQ only to run into AK behind. Pretty much bubbled 40 away from the money.

Overall I was really happy with the way I played and feel I am pretty zoned in. Tournament Poker can be brutal, but I wasnt disappointed at all with yesterday but was just happy to have a good run in the first tournament itself. Today is the 1k which will play a bit more shallower but should have an enormous field (this time I hv already pre-registered), will update once the day is done.

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Aditya Agarwal

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