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16 bigs – PGM 1 – PGT Goa

Posted by Arturo on 2012-10-21 at 12:00 AM

hi guys,
i am very happy to write this blog as i have managed to shiped my fav tourney 16 big on also made many deep runs last week including 2 FT.
I dedicate my first win to our coach Adi Agrawal, fellow members of PG and was very thankful to PGM friends who were well wisher of mine during the toruney many of them were railing me and also giving me confidence to take the tourney. At last my first dream come true after playing Big 16 almost every day, i manage to win it. yet lot to learn.
My stats for last week are :
Played 36 , ROI – 1163%, ITM -16%.

I feel i am am improving day by day, not because i am having good result from last 1 month or so but because of understanding of game.

Getting gear up for PGT –
I come to know that this PGT is having huge numbers and also this is rake free what more a MTT players can ask for. I running good this month online so i am feeling i am in zone for PGT also. The feeder satty announced by adi are big bonus for this event where many players get entry in Main event so autmatically the nos are going HUGE. This Event has +EV for me as i going to meet the PGM members and ADI. ALL the best and Congrats the to new members of PGM-2 hope to meet many of you at PGT.
My friends has kept my nick name “Big 16”, I appreciate it. Thnks.

Hoping for good run in PGT as well. Keep you guys posted.


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