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19th in 1k wsop event and Main Event

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2012-07-08 at 12:00 AM

1k got a combined field of 4600 players, even though it wasn’t a re-entry event. I am pretty tilted so will talk about hands from day 3 only:

5-10k 1st hand of the day I min raise to 20k with QQ utg+1, next to me shortstack shoves for 99k, I call and loose to his AK.

5-10k next hand I open AJ to 20k, bb puts it in with 87k, I call and win against his A8.

5-10k CO open 23k I call bb with KTdd, flop 9 J 3, I c/r 40k to 96k he folds

5-10k utg +2 opens to 40k I call TT next to him. Flop TTQ, check check, turn 4 he checks I bet 38k he ships 250k with 88

6-12k Asian guy limps MP (had good read on him) I call sb with 36ss bb checks, flop A74dd, he bets 17k, I check raise to 44k he calls. Turn 7 I bet 46k he folds. I hit my peak of 850k with 30ish left.

I raise fold cpl times at 8-16k and loose 35k each time, plus blinds so I am down to 650k

8-16k CO open to 40k I call in bb with A5o. Flop 569 check check, turn 4 I bet 36k he calls, river 4, I check call 115k and loose to his KK (the one mistake I made this tourney with river call)
This gets me down 400-450k and now am forced to play tight. I have good aggro CL on my left to make things worse.

10-20k I shove A8o with 410k on btn, sb was CL and bb had 180k or so, sb calls with AQ and that was that. Got 19th for 20k or so, didnt even collect the money just left the Rio

Was real sucky, I think I played pretty well and really wanted to win this one, had a real good shot too. So far this series I have had 2 deep runs and am super high on confidence going into the Main Event. Have decided to play it on 1c which will be Monday and the last starting day, will most likely have the largest starting day field of the three as well. The main event means everything to me and it is the reason why I took up poker as a living. I have played it every year since I was 21, this will be my 6th year playing it, I have never felt more prepared or more of cussed than I do now, will be trying my best to make everyone proud. Wish me luck!

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Aditya Agarwal

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