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1st Live final table, depressing Online month and Mentorship program

Posted by Nehal Kapadi on 2012-05-22 at 12:00 AM

[B]Live Poker -[/B]
So finally i played my first live event in the Upc 10k freezeout. I won the online freeroll to this tournament. I wasnt sure whether i should go or not but in the end i did and had the best poker experience. By playing poker only online i had a very difficult time with the chips but eventually i tried managing how much ever i could. I did reach the finale table short stacked in this one but busted in 8th just one player shorter to the money. Even though i dint cash, the overall experience was mind blowing. I just cant wait till i get a chance to play live again.

[B]Online Poker -[/B]
Urrghh..may has been horrendous online. Went through my longest breakeven stretch and then downswing of 40bis. I cant find the motivation to grind anymore. Variance is a bitch.

Here are the few things which i did to fix leaks when the cards weren’t on my side-
1) Reviewed my games in the replayer (running bad or not this has to be done)
2) Saw the strategy videos/articles all over again
3) Reduce the amount of tables
4) I went ahead even recording my sessions so i could give my reasons aloud for my plays.
But after all this when your AA’s lose to A9o, you cant do anything about it.
I have taken a break from online now. I will resume after my rooms renovation, will get off tilt by then : P

[B]Mentorship program-[/B]
One of the two things which were good about may was the mentorship program. Two sessions down and i can feel i have a lot to fix in my MTT games. Opening ranges, playing in position, exploiting the limpers are one of the few things which i have learnt and putting them into action.
Am sure we all will learn a lot from this program and lets hope I run better next month: D

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Nehal Kapadi

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