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2012 – Quite eventful. Part 1.

Posted by Akshat Sharma on 2012-12-28 at 12:00 AM

Hello Everyone,

It has been quite a while since i last blogged. For some godforsaken reason i decided that i am going to blog next when i have my first FT post PGMP. But who was I kiddin? ! Even if one wants to, they really can’t plan anything like ‘I’ll ship one this month’. Over the years i’ve realized that FT’s can happen anytime, when u expect it the least. The idea is to play good poker all along and I’ve tried to do that. There’s a lot to write about so i’ve broken the blog down into different parts.

[B]Year pre PGMP:[/B]

As I’ve mentioned earlier, i was in a full time job at Google Hyderabad since June, 2011. Great company to work for in terms of the learning, perks, flexibility and most importantly the people. Have been playing poker for a while but it was largely cash games. I did play online too prior to starting work but never really took it seriously. Once i shifted to Hyd though things got a li’l different. Knew few people who played poker at reasonable stakes and this literally forced me to get started online again. It wasn’t until then that i got serious about my game online. Believe it or not I din fuckin’ know what ‘UTG’ was until pretty recently. If one is playing online MTT’s there is absolutely no form of success they will come across unless they start to learn. Always maintained that I love poker and is probably the only thing i’m competitive at. Perhaps that’s the reason I started to read up on PG and 2+2 forums (For the record, I’ve never read a single book/novel in my life). And after playing the niittiest game one can have, i had my first FT in some random 2.2 Turbo. I was ecstatic! Got into a dream world where i started to think of taking it up professionally cuz i was sodamngood! (Lol. Everyone has these phases). And then the downswing. Boom! All gone.


I was well aware of the first edition of PGMP. Looked at the thread from day one but never really decided to apply. Assumed everyone else is soo much ahead and i pretty much don’t stand a chance. A friend though happened to get through and talking to him about spots did improve my game a lot!

Around October I decided that I was done with working for now atleast and put down my papers. There were multiple things going on in my mind about what i want to do next and obviously poker was present the most in these mindfuckin’ thoughts.I had pretty much decided that my plan ahead for the next few months atleast was to take time off and give poker a sincere shot instead of all the half hearted attempts i had made in the past. And right then i see ‘PGMP-2’!

This time I did apply and fortunately got through =). But it hasn’t been an easy ride. I was absolutely clueless about so many terms. As we progressed through it I realized few of the many fundamental issues in my game. And trust me it is as bad as being in a college lecture with everyone else knowing so much more than you. Fellow PGMP mates are soo far ahead with their game and thinking and i’m trying my best to catch up.

[B]Cash games:[/B]

Since returning there was a phase of about 3 weeks where i went to a poker club (Quite a few in B’lore now). I have played a lot of cash in the past in Goa but have a pretty straightforward game. Look to exploit people who are worse than me and get max value out of hands. It was quite a good run here. Won some freeroll they had for 5k and then built it to about 25k. Since i wasn’t doing much nowadays, going there kept me busy. The scene was usual. Boom, grind, boom, grind and then few drinks maybe. =P

(Contd in next post)

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Akshat Sharma

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