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29th, 19th , 8th and the Tattoo…

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-03-08 at 12:00 AM

Alright, so that was not how i expected how the IPS would go. Neverthles, Happy with the learning for the entire trip. It was a good weekend. The IPS 5k rebuy was a lil crazy in first one hour , but when Sanity was reinstated i went card dead, and eventually got busted 19th.

The main event was something i was looking forward to. And i felt very good all the way through. I was reading well, made a few plays which paid off , made a few big laid downs (JJ’s and QQ’s Preflop, And i was right), and i thought i played well till this particular hand when there were 19 people left. I was on the BB with about 32k in Chips ( Blinds 1000-2000), And the SB limps, I look down at KJs and I make it 6k to go. The SB calls and we see a flop of K67 rainbow. SB checks , And I bet 8k and the SB shoves and I call, SB shows K6 for 2 pair. Honestly I could have gotten out of that hand. However let me tell me tell you why I called his bet with KJ..
I always saw him raising any kinda of pairs or a big Ace. So when he limped , I put him on Ace – Rag, or even QT, JT kind of a hand. I seriously din think that he was calling my raise with any other hand. Well as things turned out he had King – Rag, and hit both the King and the rag on the flop. Good Life.

The last event was the 10k freezeout. I started off bleeding chips initially and then kind off fell back in track and reached the final table and bubbled.

I was terribly upset and had a couple of friends in town too and we decided that we’d go out drinking. We drank, drank and drank and slept. I wake up the next day and i see this on my forearm. What crap!!!

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Sangeeth Mohan

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