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2nd Innings!

Posted by Chandan Arora on 2022-04-20 at 7:43 PM
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Hi, for those who don’t know me, I am Chandan Arora. I’m an ex-CAT (MBA) Trainer. I have lived and loved that life for nine years before switching to poker for good.

I’ve been playing poker as a full-time professional since 2018. Before that, I played poker semi-professionally and was part of one of the international stables. There actually, I got to know that people play this game full time as well, and that’s when I got this idea that probably someday I’ll try to do that too.

At the beginning of 2018, that feeling got stronger but switching to poker full time wasn’t an easy decision since I was cruising in my career as an Academic Head with a small stake at one of the franchises of Career Launcher. But, something inside me wanted to shake things up a little. So I decided to take a one-year break from work, move to a new city and see what version of life I would get if I chose to play poker professionally.

I rented an apartment for a year in Bangalore. I joined an Indian stable and started playing and studying four to five days a week. And, things turned out pretty good. Somehow my willingness to take the risk and leave a nine-year-old career behind, having great coaches at my stable, and all the work that I had put in previous years before going full time resulted in a year full of consistent scores. It gave me the financial freedom and confidence to keep on this path. And since then, this is what I’ve been doing.


How I Joined PG staking?

I’ve been a big believer that life is always happening for us and not to us. Two months back, a significant restructuring was underway at my stable, and I thought this would be the time to explore new possibilities. I got in touch with Kartik (Ved), and after a few conversations, I was accepted to become a part of PG. The shift was smooth. I was warmly welcomed by all the crushers who have been part of PG for a long time, and that alone has boosted me enough to look for greater heights now.

The management has supported all my queries, and I think it will be much easier to realize my full potential when I know that all the other things are taken care of. I can focus my attention entirely on improving as a player.


Future Plans

The plan is to improve every day and handle obstacles as they come. I’ve been a player who always thought longevity in poker is a must-have skill since it gives you time and a chance to prepare for that one year which can change your perspective of this game and how it works. So, now I plan to aim for that year with all the resources, time, and support I have.

And one small piece of advice from my side for all the upcoming players – No matter how troubling things become, do not blame luck ever. We’ve already been lucky to find this fantastic game which most people aren’t even aware of. Just look around you. All you got to do is put in hard work now and reap the rewards. 🙌

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Chandan Arora

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