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3$ to Special Sunday Million entry and then Kings knocked out by deuces !!

Posted by Utkarsh Somaiyaa on 2014-03-30 at 12:00 AM

[B]3$[/B] (3.04) to be precise [B]converted[/B] into [B]215$ [/B]buy-in for a entry in the [B]Sunday Million [/B](WCOOP challenge with 2Mn) and then my [B]Kings[/B] gets knocked out by deuces (that too not a set but a straight) …. too much action in 5 hours, enough for me write my[B] first blog on PokerGuru[/B] !!


Firstly thanks a ton to Pokerguru for being a [B][B]pioneer[/B][/B] for us novice Indian Poker players,
Also a shout to Intervntion, Donkabomber bblacklegend and others who post there hands on PokerGuru and share[B][B][B] insights[/B][/B][/B]

Secondly would like to introduce myself Utkaarsh Somaiya, a small time poker player, playing low stakes at PokerStars seriously since last 9 months, Majorly play 1-5 $ tournaments and satellites with highest score still not reached 4 digits,
So this entry into Sunday million was an achievement, Played 3$ satellite for the 11$Super-satellite and few hours later in the main stream, wish the run would have continued, being knocked out with Kings does not hurt me much after being knocked out with Aces twice in span of 6 hours with being very close to final tables in both of those MTTs (4 digit or even 5 digit score was very realistic) and this was in Dec- 2013

In 2012 while playing [B]freerolls [/B] had a[B] heart break[/B], was [B]runner up [/B]in the package sponsored by PokerStars for [B][B]Casino Royal Cup[/B][/B], winner got a 1750$ package (1000$ buy-in),
but thats where i thought… hey [B]i can play poker as well[/B] … but of-course my JPMorgan job and happily married life with a 2 year old sweetheart weren’t right fit for hours of daily poker play

Videos on you tube and [B][B]”Theory of Poker-David Sklansky” [/B][/B]were my first teachers, i have lots to learn but my love for statistics helps me spends hours going over my numbers and hands

Hope to go up the learning curve fast, as I am very [B]happy with the hands dealt[/B] to me, If the Pre-flop is so[B] promising[/B] then the action ahead is surely [B]worth playing and enjoying[/B] the game ….

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Utkarsh Somaiyaa

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