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3rd in the hotter 75

Posted by Gurpal Singh on 2013-01-28 at 12:00 AM

hi guys

its been long since i blogged

i was at family function on 13 jan i got drunk early around 11 30 do i decide to head back home and play some poker

i register my self to hooter 75 can came 3 rd in the field of around 4000 odd people have had been my biggest online win so far…adi had given s our first post fold session 2 days before my win which kinda really worked for my game…..i was really about to bubble the tourney when i folded a good hand utg just to get-in the money…the next hand after the bubble i get double up with jj…..i was just crawling through the tourney in the last 10 % of the people left for atleast 1 hour….i was not getting good cards even ….but i took advantage of some good spot and crawled through….when i was 23/ 25 left…then i open shoved twice which got though and the third time i shoved with aces which gave me a much needed double up….then i sucked out monster_dong with my a5>aq….then i became the cl with 18 to go….then i never looker back i was super aggro i never lost the chip lead until 4 people were left…. i reachd the ft with nearly 35% of the chips in play the i lost a huge flip with my 55

had a another deep run in t coop event 17 when i was 8/31 left and the first prize been 111k…i swcred my chance when i showed a vvv tite player i never thought hes gonna call but he woke up with kings and i busto 31

over all its been a good learning curve and i am getting a grip of the game slowly

over all its been a great month for online people of India with some good score with akash malik finishing 4 in the milly and 67 the next week ……arjun pasricha won 51 hyper…..prabath got 3rd in the hotter 75…..samohh finishing 18 in the milly….dhaval got a few deep finishes so did sushi…..hot to forget mr Amit r jain who is having a lot of big scores…hopeing for a seven figer score from some of the sickos in near future…..
good luck guys c u on ps tables

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Gurpal Singh

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