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5.1 Hyper: Short and Sweet

Posted by Dharamveer Singh on 2012-12-09 at 12:00 AM

Hey everybody

So, I am the guy who hates Turbos and loves deep stack structure, but since we have been learning a lot of Short Stack Strategies it makes sense to make the most out of them and try Hypers.

Secondly, I have end term week from tomorrow (The World’s coming to an end) so I have rejuvenated interest in Poker.

I see Rajit posting bust from 5.1 Hyper at around 12:23, now my Tourney Tab at PS is always on ‘Special’ Tab, so I only see hot and big, I look around in ‘All’ tab and find this 5.1 Hyper.

[B]Observation 1:[/B] PS charging only .1 on 5 USD, that’s some news to me!
[B]Observation 2:[/B] Only 15 Minutes of Late registration, Yipee!

So, I load it up and have 10 BB, all the hands I played were shove or fold, was down to 2 BB before break, got lucky and a few double ups here and there got me going, soon I was amongst the top 10 and played decent from spots to make it ITM.

ITM: There was a bit more of BS now, a couple of my raise went trhough but a lot more got reshoves and I folded.

I also got a spot to lite 3b in this Hyper “How Cool is that!” with 79o

Soon, I was 5/8, I mean this was really soon, just like that, Rajit told me the top prize was 470 around. I was happy for that, it had been some time since I made a FT.

Did not shove JTo from SB, BB was the Chip Leader, I am really angry on myself for this, the next hand I open shoved from UTG+1 A2o, got snap called from CL, he had JJ, did not improve on the board and was busted 8th.

Does good for my confidence:) and might try some more turbo tournaments in near future 😉

[I]I would recommend these to anybody who wants to keep their learnings in practice from PGMP, are short on time as these are way better than spending time on Zoom or Cash games, when we can do so much more on MTT, let’s do it ;)[/I]

Good Luck to everybody for the Sunday Grind, I won’t be playing today or alteast would hope not too!


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Dharamveer Singh

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