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5/04/11-Finally some success!

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-04-06 at 12:00 AM

Had a nice day yesterday for a change. Went deep in most tourneys. Finally managed to do well on PokerStars. I won a $51 hyper turbo tourney on Stars. 1st paid out 2.8k roughly. I was the 2nd shortest stack to begin the final table but managed to build some momentum and knocked out most of the people..By the time play got down to 3 handed play, I was the monster chip leader. Hyper turbo tournies are relatively higher variance but I feel if your push-fold decision making is good, its possible to have a decent edge and make good money in the long run even in these.

Later yesterday night, I went real deep in the $26 42k guarantee on Full Tilt (this was my biggest tourney win earlier in Feb so I tend to play it whenever I can :p). 1,820 entrants and 1st paid out just a shade under 9k. I was the chip leader with 300 people or so and was among the chip leaders all the way till the last 30. Then I became card dead and slowly started getting blinded out 🙁

I couldn’t get any decent spots either so I just kept waiting. Lost a decent flip with K-Qss vs A-10hh for 2/3rds my stack with 15 ppl to go. After that, left with only 6-7 bb I shoved K-2 otb only to run into BB’s AA. GG me 🙁 Sigh..1st was 9k and I got 240 for 14th. Life can seem cruel sometimes…the phrase “so near yet so far seemed very apt to me”. lol..anyway guess cant hav em all.

I’m happy with how my game is right now and that’s what’s imp. Success will come in plenty if I just keep putting in the right volume. It’s staying motivated that is key. If I can do that, then tourney wins are only a stone’s throw away.

Lastly, am revved up for the IPC starting tomorrow. So far, all my success in the Goa circuit have come only during the IPC. Haven’t yet achieved anything in the other series so IPC is obviously most special to me. Also, I’ve got my leaderboard standing to protect as well so I’m all pimped up to go and win me a couple more tournies starting tomorrow 🙂 As samohhh has mentioned in his blog, IPC hav introduced a couple of interesting tournies as well instead of just the standard freezeouts so should be a fun next 4 days in Goa 😀

Until next time..

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Aditya Sushant

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