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50th Anniversary WSOP!!!!!!!! It’s a Huge Marathon, Not a Sprint and I am Game!!!!!

Posted by Ashish Ahuja on 2019-05-04 at 9:17 PM

Hello friends, it’s that time of the year again when all the poker players will travel to the Mecca of the poker world and it’s going to be at the grand stage this time as it’s the 50th Anniversary of the WSOP.
It’s going to be my first WSOP this time and I have been working really hard on my game to prepare for the series and make sure I am well equipped to compete at the best level with the best players.
I haven’t been able to sleep in the few weeks, probably just because of the excitement I guess.
I have been trying to convert my deep runs into the big ones, trying to improve my game at the later stages of the tournaments. Every tournament counts. So I have been focusing on all the websites who are hosting promotions related to WSOP. The #LFG Vegas on 9stacks, I have been in the top of leaderboard for that.
I have been on a pretty good run at the 9stacks this past week. I’ve final tabled all four events I played and shipped half of them. These events on 9stacks help me win another package to Vegas.
As you can see, I have been trying to gear up completely for WSOP. That’s the only thing on my mind right now. Be it small or big, if it’s related to WSOP, I’m focusing on it. I plan to reach Vegas on May 27 and will be there for the whole summer.
It’s a huge marathon, it’s not a sprint. I need to focus on all the tournaments, it’s a two months grind.

I have made a plan to balance everything. I have figured all value tournaments that I will be playing and which ones I’ll skipping to take a break or relax. Breaks are essential in between. Plus we need to revise everything we learnt and study is a must as we will be competing with the best poker players.
I would like to thank PokerGuru Staking and Aditya Agarwal for all the support and time efforts they are putting for me. Adi is the best person to get advice from and how to go along for the events as he has been doing it for over a decade. He is the most experienced campaigner in the Indian contingent who is not just attending WSOP but is fetching great scores. His performance and ability to show results keeps improving and I look up to him.
I am thankful to god for providing me this brilliant opportunity as being a student of Adi, it has helped me understand each and every concept of the game very clearly and how to go with it.
PokerGuru Staking is like a family now. They help me in and out, be it poker or life. They give me great insights as to how to approach anything. We focus on not just our game but overall be a better person and I would like to thank Kartik Ved and Vikram Kumar for it.

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Ashish Ahuja

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