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A Complicated Affair with Variance

Posted by Shashank Desai on 2019-11-26 at 1:45 PM
Shashank Desai

Hey folks, I hope everyone had a great festive season and Diwali, and I hope Maa Lakshmi walked through your open door.

I’m gonna rant a little bit, just to get it off of my chest before I start talking any sense.

I’ve had an on and off love affair with variance recently. Sometimes she is sleeping by my side, but other times she’s got a strap on ready to catch me unawares. I guess that’s just how she is. Both Lady luck and variance are quite the mistresses.

Exaggerated by lack of practical study, divided by the honest implementation of that study.

Argh. Feels good to have that written down. It takes more than words to pen your feelings. It’s a subculture of the mind to absorb a whole lot but to blurt out very little.

And that’s why I write this here. It’s a message to the players in our poker fraternity who are struggling with tilt, or variance catching them unsuspecting. Sometimes, it’s best to vent it out off the table. Not abusively, not demeaning anyone. But just to find your way to scramble these hidden pockets of frustration within your subconscious self, and to get it out. Much like you would with a fly that is in your car. It annoys you, distracts you, and possibly leads you to worse driving decisions, but once you stop and accept that there is a fly, stop the car and open all the doors and wait for it to go out, you’ve partially crossed that hurdle.

As for crossing the hurdle towards learning patience when studying poker and not expecting results immediately. It takes many months, sometimes years, for a player’s study to cultivate and lead to actual results financially.

So my message is directed to the people who are starting new or have been playing poker for a year or less.

Don’t be disheartened if your hand gets beaten. It’s one hand. If it happens again and again, and you feel that all gods are against you, always remember, RNG is also against you :). I’m kidding.

Manage your bankroll, play within your limits, and when you play, whenever you do, bring your best game on, regardless of the result that eludes you.

As always
The grind continues……….
Shashank Desai

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Shashank Desai

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