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A few tips for Dealing with Poker Downswing.

Posted by Nadeem Basha on 2018-12-03 at 8:57 PM

Downswings in poker can be demoralising sometimes especially when it is your full time profession. But a good player always learns how to handle his swings. I have been on a downswing off lately but i have seen so many of them in the past that i know that it is just another bad phase which will pass. Downswings in poker happens to all of us.

Here are a few stuffs i like to do when i am on a downswing.

Taking some time off poker is the most important one. I have been playing live and online poker for almost everyday. But after a point of time when i feel i am facing a downswing, I like to take a short break from poker completely, especially when the Poker Gods are not in our favour. A long drive or a short vacation is the perfect solution to tilt and times when the variance hits you hard. Its always good to take such breaks off poker in these times and come back with a fresh mind later.

Persistence is the key in Poker. Staying on course with a firm mindset always succeeds in the long run. What really matters is how far you are committed to the game.

Focusing in game can get half your work done. Especially in live cash games. Observing and exploiting it to our advantage is how i have always made more money. I sometimes feel that during a downswing i tend to think a lot about my losses and dwell my mind on things off poker.That is when i need a short break. That’s how i figure it out.

Another important factor to take in is that often we miss out the leaks in our game and not work on it. For instance, i know i have been making blunders in a few spots which can be avoided completely. Working on my game everyday theoretically and not practically on a downswing is another better option.

Life in poker has been a grind. A long one.But i have just started.

In the end, as said, Poker is a hard way to make an easy living.

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PG News
2 years ago

Excellent blog!!

Nadeem Basha

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