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A Few Updates and Lots of Good Wishes

Posted by Siddarth Singhvi on 2012-07-06 at 12:00 AM

In the month of June, I played a decent amount of online poker with no success though:(I had strictly restricted my tourney buyins to micros, it was a conscious decision mainly because of two reasons:
a) I wanted to try all the stuff being taught by Adi in PGMP and decided to implement these strategies onto the tables with minimum risk/variance. Moreover I wanted to test and widen my own comfort and skill level with this style of poker.
b) The increased $$ value and small BR also didn’t help my cause in increasing online volume or buy-in levels.

I did have a few deep runs in the micro NLHE but somehow lost it away in the end either by playing bad, running bad or sickest of all – loosing net connection and getting auto-busted. I managed to win one of the value added PGT satellites on 888 Poker for an entry into 5k event + hotel accommodation. I recommend anyone who plans to play PGT (July) to try out these wonderful value added satellites on 888 Poker.

Now regarding PGMP – we are done with the preflop sessions and are currently on a mini-break as Adi is in US chasing his WSOP dream.

Good luck to Team India for WSOP!!


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Siddarth Singhvi

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