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A good weekend

Posted by ashutoshnaik on 2012-10-03 at 12:00 AM

Hiya everyone

I played 2 days of poker this week, including the IPL 6K bounty tournament this weekend and a big round of congratulations to the “Vinay Suchede family” for their great performance during IPL. Seems like on that day, Vinay’s mom could do nothing wrong and shipped the 6K bounty, which was her first ever live tournament.

I couldn’t cash in the IPL this time. Just played the 6K bounty. My stack was varying between 4K (starting stack) and 6K in the first 3 levels, until I raised from CO with 55, button and BB (YJ Kim) flats.The flop was Ass 5ss rag. BB checks, i check, button raises, Kim 3-bets, I 4-bet, and eventually all our stacks are in on the flop.Great bounty equity. But YJ Kim who had a flush draw, hit his flush, and the board didn’t pair up for me, and that was it.The other player had AK.

I had a good run in cash games this time. Was 1.2L up after 2 sessions so was good running.

Some hands from cash games that I can remember:

– I raise UTG 2000 with KK, LAG on SB with 15K stack flats, Flop is ace rag rag. SB checks, I bet 4K, SB goes all in, I muck.

– I raise 1K from MP with KQss, same LAG flats from button, Flop is J 6ss 8ss, He checks, I bet 1.5K, he calls.Turn is jack, I check, he bets 2.5K, I raise to 5K, he calls. River is a rag (flush doesnt complete), he bets 2K, i call with king high.. he shows a jack.

– On a 20K stack, i raise UTG+3 with 88, MP flats, SB flats. Flop is 7ss 8 8ss. Check through, Turn is 9ss. SB bets 3.5K, I tank call, MP suddenly raises to 8K, Sb flats, I figure that they have to pay me on the turn if they have to, I go all in, both call, and sweet triple up. Wish somebody had a straight flush, I could have won the bad beat jackpot. lol

– Won a huge hand when I had AJ and the flop was AJ rag.. 2 guys paid me off on all 3 streets – one guy had a flush draw with a pair, and the other had AQ.. For once, I held!

I have made a few changes in my cash game, but only time will tell if it will work – sample size too less now to draw any major inferences.

Before PGT, I m thinking of golden aces main event – I like their structure, 30 minute levels and 15K stack. Let’s see if I can make it for that one.

Cheers until next time!


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