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A huge leap forward

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2013-05-15 at 12:00 AM

Last few months had been very tough for me. Poker and a fulltime job isn’t that easy to do together. Especially if you wan’t to give your 100% to both. Respect to the guys who are able to do it both. But i had to decide between 1 of them.

Luckily for me i haven’t had much workload for last couple of months. So, i was able to play till late nights and turn up late at office without many fingers pointing at me. This has pretty much become a habit now, going late and getting out early. We are expected to work for an average 9 hours 15 mins a day but i haven’t been able to bring that number to even 7. And all this time, i realized that i really enjoy playing poker. And if i can make at-least as much my job pays me by doing what i love to do, why not?

After a lot of reading, talking to people and thinking about it, i decided to give it a shot and i finally resigned. Yes, i am going to chase a dream of being a Profession MTT poker player. But i still have to serve a 90 days notice period as per my company policies. So, i ll get my final independence on none other than India’s independence day, 15th Aug :D.

Hope all goes well.

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Sahil Agarwal

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