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A New Start

Posted by Arjun Parmar on 2012-11-13 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys hows it going? hope u guys doing good at the tables…

its been a while since i have blogged and also played poker. My last session happened in goa at the Oct PGT. But i have been attending a few live cash sessions in my city, well nothing great happening otherwise. The cash games are not going very well, dont blame anything or anyone for it its just that you dont always have to run good ya, its poker and you do have ‘run bad’ sessions and thats where you have to learn and thats where you have to forget the ‘run bad’ part of it n move on n look forward to another session.

I am going to start a fresh new roll on P.S and FTP and try n put in good volume during the week after work and also on the weekend. I have never played before on FTP so i dunno how are the games there but i am really looking forward to it. FTP will be like a new experience since i have never played there before so i’ll keep you guys updated with my online or live games/deep runs if any.

Apart from this i have been really very very busy with work since its season time but i always find a way to take out time for myself. May it be poker or playing PS3 or time to chill out with friends i aways see to it that i take out time to do what i like to do. The PGMP sessions are going good with the hh reviews helps in revising whatever we learnt in the PGMP sessions. I couldn play the last PGOL, Diwali time so have to be with family n all but its k 2 more to go have to ship at least one of em. I dropped down to the 3rd place on the LB for PGOL cuz i missed the last tourney. Look forward to the next one and hopefully will take it down.

Thats it for now you guys take care n be good n keep doing the damage at the tables.

Cheers n wish you all a very happy Diwali. God bless. 🙂

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Arjun Parmar

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