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A Review and a Final Table.

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-09-17 at 12:00 AM

Had an interesting week poker-wise. First, Prabhat agreed to review my HH of the 3rd place finish a couple of weeks back. We did around 100 hands. I kind of do my own reviews. I do get some problems solved by doing this. But getting it done by someone better than you is just something else. Some leaks are invisible and just pass you by when you do self-review. This was just awesome. It does take a lot of time as sometimes we delve deep into the hands. Hopefully we can find some time to finish the rest. It’s around 350+ hands. For those in the PGM program, the HH was posted in skype and discussion can be seen in the history. Also can’t wait to get a couple of HH reviews done by Adi. (I pester him a lot; lol and he has agreed to do it at the end of the program ;-). We are getting some of his HH reviews every week and they are really helping a lot as well.

One major thing I have changed after doing this review is I have turned off the TV or stopped watching any shows (on the pc) while I am playing poker. In multi-tabling 6-max cash it is impossible to watch TV or do anything else. But MTT’s it is possible if you have less tables on (and more so if all are FR). As per my previous blogs, I only open 2-3 tables at a time. But opening 2-3 tables and then watching some shows/TV just defeats the purpose of playing less tables. I was also relying on my HUD too much. It had become a crutch rather than a tool. A crutch which allowed me to watch TV/shows while playing. At a certain spot, Prabhat spotted a bet-sizing tell of a player which I had no awareness of. HUD’s don’t give such bet-sizing and bet-timing tells. Thus one is missing out on valuable info. This is all ok if one is mass multi-tabling and sacrificing some ROI to put in the volume. But if one is just 2/3-tabling this is a crime to not pay attention to these details and not take notes. I tried to play one session without the HUD as well this week so that I pay more attention. But then fired it up once I got deeper.

Played 3 MTT sessions this week. Few cashing runs and one final table of a 4.4 which I sort of came into 4th out of 8 in chips but was the first to bust out. Just pissed off about it a lot. Busting early out of final tables is just gut-wrenching. I usually have gone on to finish in the top 3 spots till now (yeah ok.. a little brag ;-). This is just sick. Only consolation was that at one point was down to under 300 chips in this one at early stage. Doubled up a couple of times and got back in it. Then it was a roller coaster swingy ride; winning some flips and at the same time getting unlucky in some spots. Played some of the best and worst I think as per my own HH review 🙂

Anyway, great performance by Team India at Macau. Good Luck once again to the Indian contingent going on to Manila!

Till next week then..


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Vinay Suchede

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