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A Silver Lining During This Pandemic

Posted by RATUL STEVES on 2020-08-10 at 4:42 PM

Hey everyone!

Writing a blog after a long time. Its been going well but I guess I hit a downswing at the worst period I can imagine. The online GTD’s are increasing day by day and to see that I am not able to take advantage of it, kinda sucks to be honest. But, it’s a part of this game and somehow, of life too.

This Sunday I won the Hercules event on PokerStars India though!

Since my last win in May, I was grinding regularly and made it to a few final tables as well. However, Hercules being a slow structure event, I was comfortable in it because I am patient. I was aware and completely conscious of what was happening on the table throughout the game and as I ran deep I committed to my focus. And I was glad I did.

As the case with everyone, its been a struggle during this unprecedented pandemic time but I found the silver lining. I also studied way more than I used to and on a regular basis and clarified some spots that I was doubtful about. That really helped me in this event too. Feeling hopeful for the coming weeks!

Ok will sum up this short blog now.

ONE REQUEST to all – Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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