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A Spectacular Month and Looking Ahead to the Next One

Posted by Prabhat Mukherjea on 2012-06-01 at 12:00 AM

Hey Guys,

After a pretty miserable April, May was exactly what I needed! It felt as if I was finally getting the reward for all the hard work I put into my game throughout April and the long hours that I put in despite losing tons of money.

This month I won the Big 109, The $22 Freezeout, finished 5th in the Hot 16, Finished 2nd in the PGT 5k event and had a deeep run in the APT Main Event (Which I will blog about seperately) cashing for 531,000 and finishing in 3rd place. A pretty epic month in which I achieved many of the goals I had set for myself including winning a large field non-turbo tournament (managed two), finally moving to No.1 on the PocketFives list of Indian Online players and briefly breaking into OPR’s top 1000 on PokerStars.

I have been playing almost non-stop for 3 months, so I have taken a break for a few days now that I am back in Calcutta. After a bit of chilling out, I am going to resume the grind majorly in a little while. I am just hoping to put in a lot of volume and remain in a top frame of mind mentally. It’s actually quite difficult to mentally adjust to a huge upswing…I am doing my best not to think its okay to spew and getting myself into a mental shape where I really care about every single tournament I am going to play down to the tiny $5 freezeouts.

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Prabhat Mukherjea

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