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A Stitch in time, saved mine

Posted by Prateek Bhartia on 2013-01-23 at 12:00 AM

Hey guys, a few good things have happened since my last blog.

Firstly, through December upto mid-Jan I reached a DS of almost 1000 games, and was mentally very draining. Just did not have any confidence whatsoever. Everytime I regged for a game, I knew I was in for a shitty beat again. Mentally I was in a bad place, playing bad, running bad, making excuses to not take spots (cause in a subconcious way, I was scared of losing my stack in ‘marginal spots’). But all this was not self-diagnosed, it started when I was just looking at my graph in SS and thinking to myself, let me see what kinda DS Adi and prabhat have been through, and saw that they had it worse. So I started talking to Prabhat about poker, and the more I did, the more I realized some glaring leaks in my game.

So for a few days I took a break from playing, and was just railing Prabhat aka suicidespree, and asking questions on hands that I thought werent standard. This was a really good learning experience, and to see some wide reshoves, openshoves being implemented time and again, really changed my attitude towards the whole thing, and I realized how I was just searching for reasons to avoid these spots cause of a mental block. This snap changed something inside me, and I decided to read through the PGMP preflop summary notes thoroughly. I did this for about 3 days before starting each session and BOOM, on Saturday I took down a $2.7 Turbo KO for 2K, when I had about $90 in my account and was thinking how much do I deposit next. I even applied for stakes on 2p2, asked Donkab0mber too if he knew any good stake threads on 2p2. I have made this kinda comeback once before too, and this just boosts my confidence cause If I can comeback from a 1000game DS , WHILE playing bad, if I just keep playing good from now on, I can do much better. SO a stitch in time saved mine (never usderstood who the f*** Nine was anyway)
Would really like to thank Adi for imparting all this knowledge to us, and also Suicidespree for personally taking his time to help me out one on one and understand my flaws. I told him there was some good karma coming his was, and it did.

Graph of the fiasco :


Jan Graph so far:


With this BR now, reaching Midstakes by June (one of my goals this year) should not be hard at all. Just need to keep playing solid poker and results should be here soon. Its a good start for 2013, hope this keeps on going. Gl all.

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Prateek Bhartia

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