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A weekend in Goa for the IPS main event

Posted by ashutoshnaik on 2012-07-09 at 12:00 AM

Hi guys,

Hope you are all doig good. Pretty lean season for poker everywhere around the world because of course all the action has shifted to the Rio All-suite Hotel and Casino in Vegas for the WSOP. Not much happens around the world when that happens. And I hear that Adi is killing it in Vegas, which is really good news for everyone associated with PokerGuru. As of this writing, Adi is just started playing the Day 1C of the main event. I hope he has a deep run in the main event and figures in the November nine, man that would be pretty sick and well deserved for one of the the best tourney players in India. I am myself planning a trip to Vegas for cash games sometime in November-December.

I had taken a little break from poker, as I took a slight hit at the cash games around 2 weeks back, but I was in Goa this Saturday for the IPS main event, this is one event I do not miss, since I free roll this event as I get a free main event seat by virtue of being last years player of the year.

I came to the casino early and was still in two minds on whether to play cash or not, since no satellites were happening when I saw the bad beat jackpot in CR being claimed. Marga Jee, a cash game regular had QQ, an unknown player had rockets. The flop was A Q rag, turn was Q. I was pretty happy for them, and glad that a reg won it. Nimit Patel was also on the table among the regs. The jackpot is now reset to 20 Lakhs so it’s still not bad.

I played IPS main event next, played really Aggro to reach the final table as the chip leader but eventually finished 4th. Was a bit disappointing but the levels were really jumping later n I lost a few crucial flips, such as 99 vs K 10, QQ vs A 6 etc. Whatever I learnt from intervention, regarding pre flop play definitely helped me in reaching the final table as the chip leader, now looking forward to the post flop lessons and final table lessons 🙂

I m looking forward to the PokerGuru Tour which is the best value tourney tournament in India. Last time, we had almost the entire final table in the money, so book your tickets for this one. It’s also rake free, and the final table will be reset to 40BBs.

See you during the PGT!


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