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Aces Unlimited and APT

Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2011-11-08 at 12:00 AM

Aces Unlimited Series just finished, it was very disappointing overall, we as a team had 0 cashes, although only 4 of us played this series. I had a stack in the 5k rebuy and made the final table, but I was the first one out, they were paying only top 7. I had similar fate in the 15k turbo where I was one of the CL with 2 tables left but came 12th loosing 2 big pots back to back. I also spewed 25k in the 5k Greed re-entry event, which sucked. However, it was definitely good practice for the upcoming week and to get back in tournament mode.

APT starts tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited for it. Just got back from Casino Royale, they had registrations open for the 5k event starting at 4 tomorrow, since its definitely going to have one of the biggest fields ever for a tournament in India (5k is the lowest buyin of the series), I figured it would be better to register ahead. They had 6 cash game tables running when I got there, 2 200-500 and 4 100-200, I sat at 100-200 for a bit and got a seat at 200-500, which had bobe suri, kavin shah, Phil, Rishi Mishra, Abhishek Goindi, Paras, Sumit and couple others who I didnt know on the table. I ran kinda good and sucked out on bobi in a biggish pot and ended winning close to a buyin. Cash action should be very good during the APT and I expect as many as 8-12 tables of cash running each day, definitely going to try and grind cash whenever I have free time. Will be blogging about APT events frequently as well.

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Aditya Agarwal

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