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Aces Unlimited – Autumn Edition, Online Poker, & some other stuff

Posted by Rajeev Kanjani on 2011-08-03 at 12:00 AM

Hi Guys,

I have not blogged, which seems like ages now, although I keep commenting on various bloggers in this site.

Well, we are 22 days away to our 2nd part in Series of 4 Seasons of Poker, which is aptly called the Autumn Edition, which starts on 25th thru 28th August. 4 Days of Multi-Format tournaments, with a new feature of a Side Event, every night, for players who have been knocked out of the Major Events, and prefer to play tournaments, rather than Cash Games.

For the Side Events, we will be experimenting with Doubles Poker, PLO, and Mixed Poker. Although, I feel that Doubles Poker will rule if not all 4 nights, atleast 3 of the nights.

Its a very interesting format, wherein you choose a partner, or we will draw one for you. You will be seated on a table with 4 other pairs. You will be dealt with the Hole Cards (which your partner cannot see), and the action pre-flop has to be taken by you. Once action is completed, you will swipe the cards to your partner, wherein he will act on the flop, then again swipes the card to you for action on turn, and finally last swipe to your partner for action on the river. All this while, there can be no talk between the partners. The next game, its vice-versa wherein the partner acts pre-flop and turn, and you act flop and river.

I am sure this format will garner some good interest. You may want to watch this Video Clip, to understand the game better:- [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqygFpoJMs8[/url]

Besides, the above, you would love to get hold of the New Bracelets, we will be giving out to the winners of each Event. Soon pictures of them will be uploaded on our Facebook Fan Page: [url]www.facebook.com/acesunlimitedpoker[/url]

What else is new, lets see, we will be having a new tournament director, soon announcements of this regards will be made. We may get to play in the new Poker Room, we will post pictures as soon as it is ready.

We are giving away 200K in Cash to our POY, so that is one heck of a reason to be there. This is the highest pay-out given in India for the POY Title, and that too CASH.

2 Online Satellites have been concluded, and 2 more to go, out of which 1 of them is tonight at 888poker followed by another next week on the 10th of August. Information on this is on: [url]https://pokerguru.in/forum/showthread.php?717-Win-seats-to-the-Aces-Unlimted-Autumn-Edition-on-888-Poker[/url]

Online FreeRoll, will be held on 17th August, information will be soon posted.

Live FreeRolls and Satellites will also start soon in Goa, in addition to the satellites which will be played just before the tournaments. All information will soon be posted in the forums here, as well our FB fan Page.

Register for our live event here:- [url]www.acesunlimited.net[/url]

Well, thats’ a lot to digest for a single day.

Hope to see you all in Goa soon.

Aces Unlimited

Facebook Fan Page: [url]www.facebook.com/acesunlimitedpoker[/url]
Website: [url]www.acesunlimited.net[/url]

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Rajeev Kanjani

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