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ACOP series on POKERSTARS shares selling….

Posted by JAIDEEP on 2013-02-14 at 12:00 AM

Hey friends

For those of u don’t know its the Asian Online Poker Series for all the Asian players…

As for me i have been playing poker for more than one year at PokerStars and migrated from SNG’s to tournaments to presently a cash player…both PLO and NL

Have also played events in GOA …

My stats r listed below…do also see the stats of SNG’s cause most of the structures of these tourneys will be like the starting stacks of SNG’s and the regular blind structure




Also am on the side am doing a similar challenge as that of Andre ACoimbra 100K..link to that below


thread link


More over the series also offers very nice leader board prizes so if i win something in that u will have an automatic stake in the tourney i get into to the tune of 10% of the original…eg if u buy 20% of me in the package u will have 2% of me in the leader board prize if i win one…the top of that being the 13500$ package to the Asia Championship of Poker MACAU …

so the whole series is ..pls NOTE am not putting the ME in the Package and will see in the response or how the other events go to play it or not to…

the series link

NLHE [2X Chance, Turbo, $2K GTD] 15 February $10 + $1 21

PLO [Rebuys, $1K GTD] 16 February $3 + $0.30 3.3+12(max 4 rebuys)

NLHE [$3K GTD] 17 February $20 + $2 22

NLHE [Heads-Up, $3K GTD] 18 February $20 + $2 22

PLO [2X Chance, $2K GTD] 19 February $20 + $2 42

NLHE [6-Max, $3.5K GTD] 20 February $20 + $2 22

NLHE [5.5K GTD] 21 February $30 + $3 33

NLHE [6-Max, Rebuys, $4K GTD] 22 $8 + $0.8 8.80+16(max 2 rebuys)

NLHE [1R1A, $3K GTD] 23February $10 + $1 $3,000 32$

234.1$(155.1$ normal buyins + 68$ rebuys + 10$ addon)

rebuys if not used to be refunded in full

markup 1.06


Also since am posting is today and series starts 2morrow so anyone who wants to buy shares can at max last buy after events 1 and 2…although only 200$ worth of events will be left their % will be calculated on the basis of whole package…

And lastly ya am ASIAN 😛

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