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An application

Posted by Vinay Suchede on 2012-11-18 at 12:00 AM

The forums and blogs are really buzzing these days. PGMP-2 has a bunch of really enthusiastic learners. There are some really really good blogs out there. Especially the ones by Rentdollarinplay (Satyakee Sen), Hardit Singh and Dvcoolster (Dharamveer Singh). Even if you are not in the program, just going through them will improve your game a bunch (the ones by Sen are for cash game grinders too).

I have been on the rush poker cash game binge this week as I try to run up FTP points and getting the double up deposit bonus. It is going pretty well. Played a couple of micro millions in between and did put in one MTT session.

I have sort of relegated MTT’s to taking shots rather than a proper grind. Though I have better MTT fundamentals than cash game after PGMP, proper grinding of MTT’s on my own dime is really not in my aptitude. The grind requires volume and if you see sharkscope’s of grinders, they are like an ECG graph. The +EV ones will be shooting upwards but in that upwards trend there will be a lot of slides. Variance is an oft used term but it is there and it can never be overstated imo.

I however have the time (thus, no problem with volume) and fundamentals required to grind MTT and thus I am sort of putting out an application for backing in this blog and the market place. Will try it here in our desi community before going to 2p2 or PTP or other such forums. The market place post will have the stats and details etc. Here is the link:


There are basically 2 stakes that I am applying for:

One is for the online-grind exclusively on PokerStars which will comprise makeup deal of 50-50 split at average buy in (ABI) of approximately 10$ with highest buyin of 22$ in regular speed games, 16$ in turbo games, 4$ in rebuys/cubed.
I have been figuring out over the week on the kind of volume I can give and I am comfortable with around 5K games a year (approximately 100 a week). The 100 a week will split evenly into at least 4 days and not crunched in just one or two days. At these stakes I am confident of giving at least 25% ROI (if not more) over 5K games. The stake will be of course with make-up but a general term of 1 year before adjustments to limits etc (which will of course not happen when in make-up). Audit can be done monthly here.

Other is for live-MTT’s on the Goa and Asian circuit. This will be again be a makeup deal at 50-50 split. Travel expenses will be borne by me of course. The ABI would be around 30K INR with highest buyin at 50K, 5K for rebuy type events. Looking at volume of around 50 games a year in this one. The tournament series played would be having at least 50+ player fields. It is difficult to put an ROI over 50 games due to variance but one good bink + couple of side event cashes will all it take to approximately break even in 50 games. The PGT Oct main event last time paid out 8L+ to 1st place. Will be also playing satellites (in the deal) to events to get maximum volume in. Audit can be done on series to series basis.

To note that the volume figures are quoted to give interested backers a general idea of investment required. These will be however non-expiring makeup deals not time-bound/volume-bound deals (i.e. the makeup will not expire after one year/50 games/5K games).

Looking forward to some good interest in this. Till the time above takes place, it will be cash games ftw with some MTT shots as usual.

Till next week then..

Cheers !!

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Vinay Suchede

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