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An eventful year – 2013

Posted by Sahil Agarwal on 2013-12-26 at 12:00 AM

I just woke up bit too early to play the nightlies and thought what to do now… Y not put down a blog and see if it’s really true that u bink after u put up a blog as has happened with a few others. Bink or no bink, this forum has actually changed my life and i am getting emotional as i pen this down.
PokerGuru taught me how to play mtts, rather win. Taught me how to not be bothered by silly bad beats (I used to have a facebook album with a collection of a few brutal beats i had taken). Taught me to be not bothered by a 5k bubble, rather just try and keep improving and look at the bigger picture.

2013 started off very nicely for me. I was fortunate enuf to chop hotter16 4 ways for a sweet 8k score which was like 1k BI then. That gave me huge confidence and a solid bankroll to be able to put in more volume along with taking shots at bigger buyins. Having had busted my Bankroll few times earlier, i managed to be a li’l more disciplined abt it this time and fortunately enuf haven’t busted yest till date.

I remember when everyone was busy putting up their poker goals and resolutions for this year, i was wondering what is an achievable target for me. I funnily enough set my target at 40k profits and to be able to play higher by the end of the year. And i feel really good to have done better than what i expected. With 5 days still to go in the year, this is how my 2013 online graph looks like this

I always wanted to quit my job and play poker full time. Not an easy thing to do, but i did manage to take the plunge and get out of the conventional. There are times when i am not sure abt my decision, but then i get a score and feel like i could have never taken a better decision in my life :D. So far so good, i am pretty happy how far i have come with my poker game. But, this is just the beginning… The fact that poker is just getting tougher each day, all i can do is work more on my game and be able to laugh at how bad i was when i look back.

And hey i also got an award for the best upcoming player this year :D. Thanx a lot India Poker Awards and the panelists for considering me deserving enough for this.

Lastly, i would also like to mention that this year i met a LOT of awesome guys who’ve been living this life since the poker culture began in India. I have made 3 trips to Goa this year and each time I have met a lot of new people and have had an amazing experience, at and away from the tables.

This blog post would be incomplete without this.

[URL=http://m.UploadEdit.com/b026/1388022419906.gif][IMG] http://m.UploadEdit.com/b026/1388022419906.gif [/IMG][/URL]

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Sahil Agarwal

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