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An Honest Confession

Posted by Vikram Kumar on 2015-08-28 at 12:00 AM

Hello fiends this is Vikram Kumar a.k.a Caprese512, first of all thanks for taking time to read this. I like many Indian Poker player started by playing in Zynga and progressing to live games in 2009/10, being an executive in an IT firm back then and having a 9-6 job gave quite a bit of time to play poker. Did well in the cash games but doing well in Sunday tourneys while attending once a while in Bangalore gave more thrill and adrenalin rush and a liking to MTT.

As time went by took the entrepreneurial and family route which gave very less time for Poker but doing business in Colombo gave time to play poker in the Bellagio Poker room during my bi monthly visits allowing me to be in touch with this lovely game. The gambler in me was always looking at staking players and this materialized for the first time in late 2013 when I staked a Delhi based pro in PS and BF and we did pretty well and I also learned a lot about online grind by watching him play which has kept me in good stead till date.

In 2014 attended the rockets series and was happy to see lot of old timers who by now have become stars amongst the poker playing community of India and the poker boom that was predicted in the start of the decade was a reality now and a big salute to everyone who played a part in this and special mention to PokerGuru and Team IPC for setting up a beautiful platform for aspiring poker players. Missed the other tourneys that were happening throughout the year in Bangalore due to work commitment.

In May 2015 was off to USA and would call the trigger in the arm was in constant touch with Rajeev Raut on poker scene in the USA and how to go about playing there and also bought action (Macau) for the first time of RR who by now from a poker acquaintance had become a good friend. My first poker room visit in LA was at the commerce casino and was thrilled at the sheer volume (tables/players/varietys) and making a few bucks was sweet, then headed to the sin city just about two week prior to WSOP2015 did well in few of the daily tournaments FT 3 out 5 tourneys played at the Venetian and MGM just putting in so many hours at the Poker rooms inspite of the various activities that Vegas had to offer made me realize Poker for me is no more a recreational time pass, subsequently did well in cash games at the Niagra and returned home a satisfied poker player and a not so bad BR to use.

After my return I was railing online our India boys who were doing well in WSOP, Adhi, Jasven, Raghav, Phani and many more, in fact kept alarm and got up to follow the main event and to see Adhi finish 71st was an icing on the cake. With lot of enthu started playing on Stars majorly the 300 and 500$ HU, it took a while for me to understand that the opponents had an edge by using tools and I needed to learn it if I wanted to make a mark and took sessions with Slim Shady and learned tools but the tufest part was from playing high stake games to shift to 2.5$sng as adviced by the coach but to my own surprise ethically followed it and now slowly moved to 15$sng and few MTT ‘s every now and then. All this while after my return I was moon lightning if I should play on a more regular basis spoke to few friends/well wishers during IPC which I bricked and now I have made time now and will no longer play bits and pieces of Poker but some serious and regular Poker. I read an article by Dhaval about running good and playing good I might have been running good in Vegas but I want to put in the effort and start playing good..Look forward to meeting lot of like minded friends during this journey. Cheers
*** Opportunities are Like Sunshine, if you wait too long you can miss them.[/B]
Might fail but will be satisfied I at least gave it a shot 🙂

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Vikram Kumar

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