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An Unknown Journey

Posted by Subhojit Ghosh on 2019-02-18 at 6:13 PM

Hope everyone is doing great in their Lives. Let’s start about an unknown journey!

My poker started really long back in 2009. One of my friends came back from a Vacation in Vegas. He told us he learnt about a game called Poker which was played by cards and there was money involved. I thought such things are a part of gambling. He tried to clear my doubts but I was not convinced. So he said that lets play this game with free chips. We used an extra set of cards as money. One Rupee per card and we were four players each getting 10 cards. The total value of the game was Rs 40. Never had I thought that there could be an indoor sport that could engage me this much.

That was the beginning of a long-long journey. I kept playing home games which made me realize that Poker was a mind sport because there was so much to learn and manipulate others playing into thinking absolutely the opposite of what was going on in my head. That was a Game Changer for me.

I went to college and there was a long break in my poker career. Two years ago I learnt about the online poker scene in India. I joined PokerBaazi and that was a totally different scenario. Having played only live poker, I was surprised there were so many damn good players in our country. I started slowly and gradually got used to it. There were only losses in the beginning. But I always knew that this is a long term game and not a luck by chance kind of sport. I started winning small and last year I finished 3rd in Monsterstack on PokerBaazi. The Final Table had Akshay Nasa, Nishant Sharma, Anirban Das and Faiz Alam . Man that was a complete new experience of playing with them. I was more thrilled to just share the table with these legends than the Money.

If you ask me how I knew the players on the table. It’s simple; I joined the poker groups on Facebook. Followed them properly. Gradually I got the idea of what the poker scene was.

In the last two years I saw massive changes in India about Poker. People going to WSOP, Winning bracelets and that made me think that even I could achieve it someday. PokerBazzi’s GameChanger is a complete different concept. The way they progressed and assisted us is beyond words of praise.

These days I play when I have time and have good finishes but I am yet to play some big buy in tourneys. I hope that this changes soon and I am ready for those felts too.

I would like to thank everyone from the Poker Community here in India. They unknowingly help so many of us to nurture and become better day by day.

So Goodluck everybody and lets meet on the Final tables soon 😀



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Subhojit Ghosh

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