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Applying Learnt Concepts

Posted by Russel Parkin on 2012-11-29 at 12:00 AM

I was grinding 1.1 and 4.4 turbo rush OD sngs on fulltilt last week.They have fields of 200 to 400 and get over in 2 hours.You find extremely bad players in these. A lot of shove calling with small pockets in bad spots and stuff like that. Had decent results there. I found these rush mtt sngs a good place to practice what we’ve been learning.
In rush, ranges are supposed to be tighter in general as there’s no game flow. But in these micro rush sngs, people don’t like folding stuff like q10o from early positions. But then, the ranges they defend their blinds with are pretty strong as they can’t wait for the action to get to them and quick fold a lot. So blind stealing and 3-betting light in position go up in value imo. In the post ante stages, you absolutely stop quick folding in late positions and look to steal and re steal from loose players (having a note on them) and those with awkward stack sizes. Also, in the later stages, you don’t want the bb reaching you faster by quick folding.
This week, I’ve been playing mtts on PokerStars. I see a lot of changes in my game.Overall, I feel i have a much better idea of how to play the awkwardly sized stack, and also against one. But I’m frequently spewing in the middle to late stages, especially with my reshoves. Need to look into that.Also my bet sizing doesn’t seem right a lot of the times. Gonna go over the last session now before today’s session begins.

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Russel Parkin

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