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Posted by Aditya Agarwal on 2013-05-03 at 12:00 AM

First event at APPT CEBU was the 10k php (250 usd) buyin Cebu cup, it had 2 starting days, with re-entry for day 1a players allowed on day 2. We had a long travel again from Macau (had to go Macau-HK-Manila to Cebu) and could only play day 1b. Field was surprisingly small and got only 128 players with both days combined, it paid out 13 people with 276k PHP for 1st (6900 usd), there were lot of locals in this one making it very similar to Goa fields last yr. I somehow managed to get 10th for 26k PHP, it became a turbo later on and even though they were gonna go back 3 levels on final table and I cudnt wait any longer for someone else to get knocked out and had to shove 19k at 2-4k with k2 on button, of course the best strategy was to wait our for final table and get more room with blinds going back but with short stacks grinding hard I had no choice but to put it in.

Then came the PokerStars player party which was just awesome, I am not a big drinker but all of us went down and had a few drinks and went out later on. The main event ended up getting close to 160 with both starting days, we played day 1b which was much softer since most of the online players here decided to play day 1a. I had a very soft table throughout day 1 and even though structure was a big fast we had plenty of room at start with 20k, here are the most notable hands:

50-100 I open KsKd to 250, aggro asian flats, fish flats bb. Flop 55Tcc I check call 550 from aggro asian. Turn is brick 2 goes check check river is Jc, I bet 1625 he makes it 4500 I call and win against his Ac6d.

100-200 Weak english guy opens to 550, Gee (guy just got 2nd in MPC red dragon) who seemed really fishy opening pots for 6x and just playing terrible post flop and seemed in a hurry to get out makes it 1550, I make it 2800 on btn with A3dd (had a pretty solid image then), only Gee calls. Flop As Qs Qc, goes check check, turn Ah he leeds 5k I call, River brick 8 and he shoves for 12k, I call, he mucks. That got me close to 50k.

150-300 Fish limps utg, i complete sb, aggro asain checks bb. Flop Ah Ad 6h I check, aggro asian bets 625, fish calls I overcall with 49hh. Turn is 5h, i lead 1650 only fish calls. River is brick 3, I put fish allin for 6k he calls and mucks.

I dont think there were that many more big pots from day 1a, I won a lot of small pots winning 3b pre and ended day with 63,900

Day 2, we were down to 76 players with 20 cashing. We started at 400-800 playing 6 levels (really weird structure for live event) but levels were 400-800 (100) 500-1000 (100) 600-1200 (100) 700-1400 (200) 900-1800 (200)

Anyways, I won one big pot early on in day 2 at 400-800, when I made a full house with 33 on A J 3 K K board against calling station with 25k stack, that took me to 90k. My table was pretty soft but pretty solid, I didnt get much hands and lost a series of small pots J7dd vs JQ on J T6dd2Q board, AJ vs AA on JQ4KK board, KJdd on JT9T9 board etc, but all these pots were pretty small where I basically called flop and rest was check down with small river bet on turn or river. I still had around 60k at 700-1400 (200) and was liking my chances.

700-1400 (200) I open utg to 2800 with QQ, aggro young asian next to me who has already cold 4 bet me once and is generally playing super aggro (had jsut been moved 3 orbits ago) makes it 6100 utg+1, I make it 12800 he flats. Flop 2s 6c 9s, I bet 9600 he raises to 44000 I put my remaining chips in, he calls with KTss, turn 3s.

It was disappointing busting 40sth in this, last pot was pretty big, I was feeling my first live victory in this one looking at the field remaining. Feel pretty good about my live game though and got Vegas to look forward too, Bitti (other Aditya Agarwal) and Queso are both still in with 24 left, we will be railling them the next cpl days before heading home early Tuesday morning. I plan to start grinding online again and start getting that roll ready for Vegas.

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Aditya Agarwal

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