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APT and More

Posted by Sangeeth Mohan on 2011-11-16 at 12:00 AM

What a week…. Fantastic, easily the best week of my life so far.. As I always say, thank you lord for a great week.

APT was a tourament series everyone in Goa was looking forward to. People had booked , hotels, flights and everything else for this one event right when it was announced. And I must admit, it was easily one of the best tourneys I have played in India. It had all the glitz and glamor it promised and it was truly a world class event.

I played the Aces unlimitted tourney right before APT and I was upset the way I faired. A few plays I made definitely backfired and I just realized that I had to sober down a bit. Those plays werent particularly terrible but considering how soft the field is it is +ev to pass on marginal spots and take better ones. I focused on this at the APT.

The first 2 events were terrible as I couldnt last 2 levels. I found my rhythm by the 3rd event I played which is the 10k freezeout and I went deep in it to finish 6th when my KK got cracked by AT. I wasnt particularly upset with this ( Usually I feel terrible) coz I knew that my rhythm was back. I was sitting straight up on the chair, I was taking charge of the table and playing good poker overall..

The 15k greed event is what brought my confidence back. I started off really aggressive trying to chip up as fast as possible.Because of the uniqueness of this event its very important for you to have a stack at all stages. I went buck wild on the table taking down pots and was the chip lead at an early stage. With tables left I had a monster stack and I knew it was a cruise to the final table.
On the final table I had 2 other big stacks with me so I had to be careful at all stages not to get involved in too many hands with them. The idea was to keep the pot small and to apply pressure on the small stacks.

The Tournament director informed us that we could agree for a split any time a player is eliminated but I was not really keen on it. He also told us that an greed event has never had a complete winner. People usuually chop it 3 or 4 way when there is considerable money. I remember telling him, ” U have’nt seen greed yet” and we all had a hearty laugh.

Once the final table started people started nitting it up playing virtually no hands making it easy for me to attack the blinds and antes with gunk. Once the play was 4 handed we tried to get to a deal, but i was just not happy with a 4 way split. So the play continued and I had the chip lead. In one particular hand, I opened KK utg and a very spewy aggro player who had the 2nd chiplead shoves and I snap . He shoves Q7o and my KK hold. From then on there was no turning back and I knew I had complete charge of the table. I pumped up the aggression a little and started chipping the shortstacks down before one shortstack player went busto.. By the time it was heads up I had a huge chiplead and I took it down to become the first ever player to take down the entire greed event Prizepool….. Yeah ,Team PokerGuru is Baller…. I also had the entire team railing me and cheering for me and that was a great morale boost. Intervention was also around helping me with some key strategy in particular to this tournament type…

The Main Event:

What a structure, really deep, monster grind and some sick players. At the start I was kinda shakey in the main event and I couldnt move a chip on the table. I had Kavin shah and Rahul Raju on my table and they were running over the table. Rahul had a 45k stack when I came and sat down ( Obviously late because of KC’s long ass shower). He was playing really well and was dominating the table with that stack. I was card dead and spot dead during this time and just couldnt move a chip.

I got a crucial double up on this table when I opened Deuces from the cutoff and 4 people flat. I flopped a set , lead out , got jammed on and snapped and the opponent shows middle pair with a gutty.

I then got moved to another table and I was the big blind. Rahul melwani (stack 7k) limps UTG, Ali completes, and I check 79hh. The flop brings Ah7d8h,, I lead with my pair flush draw, Rahul melwani re-raises and I jam. he snaps me with AK and I clip the 7 on the turn. I built my stack up a lil more and ended the day with 34k which was a 34 bb stack on day 2.

Day 2:

I know I played well on day 2.. I was involved in a few pots early on where I had the virtual nuts and people were playing back at me coz of my table image. I was able to chip up to 100k by the first break. Day 2 was a monster grind as the field had a lot of good players and I had to be careful with the spots I take. I somehow managed to chip up and ended the day with about 262k which was the average stack at the final table.

Final Table:

Easily the biggest final table of my life. The grand entry, the rail, the table itself and all the lights and camera… It was a new experience for almost all of us. I have to take time off from this and thank my entire team for the great support during the final table. They cheered for me every time I won a pot and said “its ok, small pot ” when I lost one. They were there to support me throughout and this win wouldnt have been possible without them. Also, Intervention was railing me throughout and giving me tips on things I need to concentrate on the final table and certain strategy I can use.

The final table was really swingy as I chipped up to about 500k by the first break and was the second chip lead. By the next break I was the 2nd shortest stack with about 300k in chips. A four bet and a tripple barrel backfired and I had to grind it out now. But I was able to chip back up without a showdown to about 480k . At this stage I open AQo utg and Jasven jams on the BB. I obviously snap and he shows 75o… He flops a full house and I got crippled. The next 20 minutes were the most crucial 20 minutes of the tourney for me. From a stack of 80k at 10k-20k blinds I chipped up to 500k and also knocked out Bharat in 4th place to take the chiplead. I upped the aggression massively on the final table attacking almost every pot and by the dinner break I had touched 1 Million in chips , which was almost 40 percent of the chips in play.

After the dinner break, I got involved in a hand with jasven where I called 2 streets and jammed river in position to dent his stack a bit. In this crucial hand, Jasven opens on the button ( again) and I look down at 63o ( the nuts). Jasven had a 25bb stack at this stage. So the idea here was to 3 bet take the pot down or 3 bet and fold to a 4 bet shove. There are NO cards he can flat here with on this stack unless he has AA or KK(Even with premiums he would just put it in pre). But Jasven had other plans and he flatted. Now I knew what I had to do, and thats what I did… I open jamed a K56 rainbow board and Jasven tank calls with KTo. (I was surprised he had KTo in this spot). However the river was the 3 and I eliminated Jasven from the tournament.

We took a short break and then we were heads up. I had a 3:1 chip advantage over Sameer who I think played fabulous on the final table and with the entire PokerGuru team railing me it was a truly electifying atmosphere. We did not play any big hands on the final table other than the final hand.

Sameer limps on the button and I check my option with 72o…. The flop brings 726 rainbow and I lead into that board and Sameer calls. The turn is another 7 and bet harder into that board to make it look a little bluffy and it works. Sameer shoves and I snap with my fullhouse . What a Day…

Along with this I would like to thank Jeff, Lloyd, Ray , craig and all the staff at royale for a great event..

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Sangeeth Mohan

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