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APT Cebu – Phillipines

Posted by Amant Nauhria on 2012-02-09 at 12:00 AM

WOW!! The only word for CEBU!! The place, the people, the poker, the APT and of course the DEALERS – the best in the world (even according to “intervention”)…they are the cutest, fastest and the most precise dealers by far I have ever come across.

TBH we didnt spend much time going out during the day time as we were busy playing the APT events…but we pretty much went out every night…you just have to be there to experience the beauty of night life in Cebu.

I played all the events other than high rollers (100,000 Pesos). I bubbled the 5k – Event 1 in a field of 370+…very disappointing as I shoved 6.5 BB with k5o and got called by BB with AQo. According to intervention it is a bad shove and I should fold to the money but I disagree. I got a bad beat earlier for a 45+bb pot when my QQ were busted by 88, money all in pre.

After bubbling the Event 1, I immediately late reg into 5K – ME mega sat. The field was soft with more than half the players in a field of 45 playing there first satellite ever. I know this because there were many four-way pots with 2 all ins pre and players out of position betting with no pair no draw in a dry side pot. I won one of these pots, knocked 2 players out with flopped middle pair of Q with QJo. I pretty much folded my way to one ticket out of 4 after that. I made some friends as well on the table playing short-handed. I had no reason to party after a reasonably successful night.

After a long night, I barely woke up for ME Day 1a but I had to go in as I could only use the ticket for Day 1a. Not being rested well was probably one of the reasons of me busting the day1a early. I also think that I got a little over confident considering I had satellite my way in. The PokerGuru team missed Day 1a reaching after the late reg was closed other than Sammoh who made it just in time..

I was in disgust after busting ME but still motivated myself to play the 5K last chance mega sat to ME. At the end of late reg there were 88 players and whopping 9 seats awarded thanks to Bryan Huang (PS TP) covering the 10k short for the 9th seat. Again there was a similar ratio of first timers at a sat or the ones who just generally have no idea. I picked up a few hands early in the tournament and quadrupled my stack in less than 4 levels of blinds and then wet on lock down and folded my way to a ME ticket yet again! I was proud for a moment and then realized this is just a good start and there is a very long way to go. Being busted early in ME and then having another chance through the satellite was just perfect. I went back to the hotel and was ready to have an early night, as I didn’t want to have another tired start to such an important day. Unfortunately I had a little argument with one of the crew in the hotel and I do apologize for it.

During this event I have met a few good players and just good people in general.

I will cover the ME day 1b, Day 2 and the rest of the events I played later.

Now time to catch up on some sleep for the tonight’s 5k Event 1 of PGT season 2.

I hope to see you all there.

Sat – Satellite,ME – Main Event,Reg – Registration ,PS – PokerStars,TP – Team Pro

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Amant Nauhria

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