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August so far

Posted by Aditya Sushant on 2011-08-17 at 12:00 AM

The month started off bad as usual…I’m kinda surprised how each of the last 3 months have taken the same path. Down to begin with, then bink a couple of scores and slowly start to build up before ending the month on a decent high. Same with this month so far, though its been a bit slower. I got off to a bad start and now am slowly starting to gain some momentum.

I’ve had two 2nds, three 3rds and I’ve finished 5 times between 4th-10th. Looks mighty impressive but is actually just ok compared to last 2 months cause I’ve put in a lot of volume too. Plus I’m really pissed off that due to some reason or the other I haven’t been able to close out any of these tournies. Last 2 months, I barely had a problem doing it but something or the other has kept me from winning even 1 this month.

I had a few decent shots too. I must have been chip leader in a few of them for sure, some right from the beginning and the others towards the end. Unfortunately, either a crucial run bad or just plain bad luck has stopped me each time. Every time I kept final tabling one, I kept telling myself that I won’t **** this one up. Can’t really claim to have ****** any of them up as I’ve mainly just lost huge flips three handed and heads up and even a couple hands where I was the huge favourite. However, that’s poker and I’ll just have to deal with the variance especially in the turbos..hopefully I’ll win at least a couple before the month ends!

I’m also extremely pumped about the PGT starting 2nd September. I was fortunate enough to win a package on Stars for the main event on the last Sunday of July which is pretty nice. From the looks and sounds of it, The PGT is probably gonna set a lot of new records right in its very first edition. A lot of firsts of course – RAKE FREE, POKERSTARS, BLAH BLAH..you must have read and heard about it a lot by now. So make sure not to miss the very first edition. The numbers are definitely gonna be awesome and so are the prizepools and experience! Be There to witness it! 😀

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Aditya Sushant

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